Super+Super Is Moving to Nottingham!

Today we have more big news to share with you our dear followers. As of DEC 2018 (and exactly one month to the date) Super+Super will be based in Nottingham! Shock horror!!? Well no not really we are mega excited and wanted to take a bit of time to fill you in and answer any questions or worries we anticipated you might have about this big change. Bear with us…

As you know over the past 6 months we have closed our studio, been shortlisted for a big award and also released our 3rd and 4th craft books. We have also both turned 30! This is the 4th year of super super and with our lovely business going from strength to strength with your support this year continues to be about exbracing change and seeking adventures!

So why Notthingham?

I’m (Amy) originally from Nottingham and as the main force behind the blog and craft events these days have decided that a change is just that is needed.

Having lived in Brighton for 10 years now (crazy I know!!!) 6 since leaving uni in 2008 have had at the back of my mind not to get stuck in one place too long.

A few months back my boyfriend Daniel and I decided to start looking for a change and came across a lovely new home in Notts that fit in with our style and would allow for the business to grow along with us. With Family close by it seemed like the right time to have an exciting change!

So as of December 2081 Nottingham will be our new home and base for S+S.

Though a change has always been in our longer term plans we were really thrilled to be offered the opportunity a few months back and jumped at the chance. And though we are going to be gutted to be leaving all our amazing friends in Brighton are looking forward to being close to family and making some great new friendships along the way. Plus we will have a spare room so expact friends to come stay as often as possible!

So what is going to change?

Well you might not realise but since we closed the doors of our studio in March S+S has mainly been run from my home studio or dining room table! And to be honest I have not felt this positive in a long time.

Towards the end of the HQ it all become very stressful and emotionally and financially draining with less emphasis on the business and a creative way of life. But since we have made the change the joy for what we do is back big time and in a few short months have grown from strength to strength back to where we wanted S+S to be. So really all that is changing is our home location, yes really.

So you can expect ALL the same things from S+S… The blog which has been re vamped will be showcasing new projects and DIY’s, classes will still be held around the uk at our established venues Taj’s Tea Parlour, Drink shop Do and The Mesmerist BUT we will also be starting workshops at new venue’s in Nottingham too! Details TBC

Will there still be workshops and classes?

Yes! We already have new dates scheduled and a list of exciting new creative workshops we will be rolling out October onwards both in the Nottingham AND down South 🙂

Where will these be held!?

We have built up some amazing relationships with our Brighton venue’s and will continue to work with them to bring you events and workshops… details will always be posted on our FB page and on the website. And we will be announcing new Nottingham venues over the next few months.

What about Craft Parties will they still be held in Brighton?

TOTALLY! We love our crafty Brighton hen parties which have gone from strength to strength over the past 3 years. We will continue as usual at The Mesmerist and Hotel Pelirocco our awesome Brighton venues as well as with our Hen’s At Home craft parties down south! We will just be broadening our vacinity and holding them in the Nottingham area too!

Whats next for S+S.

We have several new things on the horizon, some we can talk about now and some that are still top secret! We have been working on several collaborations including projects for Mollie Makes Mag (and another excitng project for 2016 which we will tell you about nearer the time) and Caboodle Mag. We have a host of new ideas for craft workshops and will be announcing Nottingham venues soon.

As well as our already esablished Craft Parties and Hens at Home events we are excited to be re launching our DIY Wedding Parties (formerly DIY Brides) which will be bookable at limited availability from Feb 2019! We will be creating a section on the site for these in the coming months but expect a whole host of wedding craft diy’s with our S+S twist!

So there you are guys! As always if you want more information about this of anything mentioned in the post as always please feel free to email us with your questions. We are super excited to do a before and after home tour of the new house in Nottingham as soon as we are in! And would love to hear from you if you are already there and looking to make more crafty pals!

Happy Thursday x