Rework your Wardrobe with So Zo…

If like us, you have clothes in your wardrobe that don’t quite fit properly, whether it’s trousers that are too long or a dress with unflattering sleeves, you can do something about it! You don’t need to look longingly at them hanging there in the hope one day you’ll wear them. Instead, fish them out and bring them along to the Rework your Wardrobe workshop at the HQ.

Run by resident sewer Zoe Edwards from So Zo…you can bring your unloved, unworn, broken or ill-fitting clothes to this session and learn skills and techniques that will bring them back into wardrobe rotation!

We’ve hosted a few of these classes now and it’s so lovely to come for a couple of hours on a Sunday morning or a couple of hours of an evening and sit and transform an item you love, into an item you love even more!

Don’t worry if you are a bit rusty with a sewing machine, Zoe is a fab teacher and you’ll be whizzing away before you know it.

Ace aren’t they!

Reworking your existing clothes, rather than chucking them away and buying new things, will save you money and has a much smaller environmental impact. Plus, this session will teach you new sewing skills and approaches that you can use again and again in the future.

The Rework Your Wardrobe session is simple: you just need to bring a back full of garments to fix, fit or rework, we provide all the equipment you will need.

However, if your garment had a broken zip, you will need to bring a replacement that Zoe can help you insert.

The session will start by taking a look at what everyone has brought and having a brief chat about each garment to establish what needs to be done to bring them back to life. Zoe will then assist you to fix/fit/rework as many garments as possible within the session.

The skills, techniques and approaches you will learn will obviously depend on what your garments require, but they may include:

  • Hemming trousers and skirts
  • Fixing rips, tears and holes
  • Reshaping for a more flattering fit
  • Inserting a new zip
  • Shortening hems or sleeves for a new look

Plus many others!

All skill levels are welcome. Previous sewing machine experience is helpful but not essential.…

Co Worker Of The Month at Super+Super HQ Brighton

Welcome to Co Worker Of The Month at Super+Super HQ Brighton

As part of a series of blog posts to mark our 1 year Anniversary celebrations AND International Womens Day S+S are excited to launch our co worker of the month feature! Each month we will showcase the exceptional talents of the many guys and dolls that frequent our flexible co working space.

First up is Izzie Roffe-Silvester, language tutor, sustainable design MA and one of the creative brains behind the Brighton Repair Cafe!


What are your Super skills?

I’m still working on developing my superpowers but on a day to day basis I’m a freelance language tutor, I up-cycle clothes and jewellery, I run workshops on ethical fashion and I’m also partial to bit of illustration. At the same time I’m studying an MA in Sustainable Design at the University of Brighton and help to run the friendly ‘Brighton repair café’ alongside two of my course mates, encouraging people to get fixing their broken objects.

What brought you to Co-Working?

I was lucky enough to win a competition in connection with the University entrepreneurship program, Beepurple, which gives me one day a week of co-working space at Super+Super for the next year. I fancied working alongside other creatives in an inspiring environment and the studio here offered the perfect co-working hub.

What benefits do you feel an office away from home provides to your professional practice?

As much as I like the idea of working at home in my pyjamas curled up on the sofa, the reality is that I wouldn’t get anything done. I find it more motivating working away from home, especially when you have a lunchtime walk along the sea front to look forward to. The light and cosy studio with Radio 6 music playing in the background, balanced with the busyness of interesting people coming and going makes it a friendly and relaxed place to work.

Any tips for a happy and creative freelancer?

I’m still learning the tricks of the trade in freelancing, but I would recommend setting yourself clear, realistic goals and a weekly timetable. Mix up your days with different tasks so that you stay motivated. Take breaks outside, especially if the sun is out! Keep people updated on your progress so that they can give you advice and at the same time it will enable you to think about your own plans.

What is your favourite tea/coffee/cake combo?!

I’m a coffee lover and I usually pop to the nearby Red Roaster café for my daily dose of magic. My favourite coffee is a Macchiato; which comes from the Italian word meaning ‘stained’ (little Italian lesson there for you), so essentially it is an espresso stained with a drop of frothy milk. We drink loads of yummy tea here and the freshly baked cakes always taste super good.

Tell us three things, people or places that make you smile and feel inspired.

The seaside- I’ve always been an ocean lover; seaside walks, ice cream, swimming, snorkelling, marine life, dozing off in the sun with a book in my hand, people playing in the waves, fish and chips…hmmm

Travel and nature programs- They never fail to inspire me and give me itchy feet to go travelling. They also inspire my creativity.

Italy- A country of gorgeous food, friends, beauty, mystery, charm, humour and chaos. I lived there for a while and venture back when I can to soak up some of the dolce vita.…

Sock Knitting Workshop Brighton with Tom of Holland

Sock Knitting Workshop Brighton with Tom of Holland is aimed at the intermediate knitter, who already knows the basics.

Socks are a lot of fun to knit, and once you have mastered the basics, will allow for endless experimentation. They are the perfect thing to knit in summer as they are small and portable projects on the go.

Tom’s sock knitting course is aimed at the intermediate knitter, who already knows how to cast on, cast off, knit, purl, increase and decrease. Participants will be expected to knit between classes.

During this three-week course Tom will teach you how to knit in the round, and create a pair of socks, knitted from the cuff down. Meeting on three consecutive Sundays to go through all the techniques necessary to knit well-fitting socks.

These include knitting in the round on double-pointed needles, turning the heel and finishing the toe.

All liberally sprinkled with hints and tips along the way to create a well-fitting pair of socks.

By the end of the three weeks, you will have at least one sock, all the knowledge to knit sock number two, three, four, and more!

Included in the price will be a comprehensive hand-out to refer back to the techniques learnt, and a project sheet to record all the necessary details for sock knitting for a specific person.…