Tutorial: Crochet Easter Wreath

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Tutorial: Crochet Easter Wreath

Tutorial: Crochet Easter Wreath. Every year we make a decoration for the flat to celebrate the arrival of spring. Its usually an Easter Tree, but this year we have decided to try something new. If you follow our Instagram you may have noticed that we are currently getting back into crochet in a big way and this was a great project to get our craft on too!



To make the daffodils:

1st ring (RS) Make 12ch, joinwith ss into a ring. 5ch, 2-st trtr dec in next 2ch of ring, 2ch, miss1ch, ss in next ch, 5ch, ss in next ch of ring, [ss in next ch, 5ch, 2-st trtr dec in next 2ch, 2ch, miss 1ch, ssin next ch, 5ch, ss in next ch] twice. Fasten off invisibly

2nd ring As first ring.

Trumpet Join rings: RS uppermost, place one ring of petals on top of the other, the top petals lying at a right angle to those below. Holding the yarn underneath and using a smaller size hook, insert the hook from the top in a remaining single strand of the top ring and in the remaining strand of the ch in the ring immediately below, yrh, pull loop through both ch, inserting hook into centre sp, catch yarn and pull through 2 loops to make a dc. Work into each pair of ch this way until 12dc have been completed. Leave loop. Cut yarn to approx 4m length and pull this through the central ring in order to work into the dc just made.

1st round (RS) 1ch, 1dc in each of next 11dc, ss in ch1.

2nd round 3ch, 1tr in each of the next 11dc, ss in top of ch3.

3rd round [2ch, miss 1ch, ss in next ch, ss in tr,] 12 times, ending ss in first ch. Fatsen off invisibly.

Now the leaves!

Make 10ch, miss ch2 and dc into next ch sp, *1tr into next 2 ch sp, 2dtr into next 1 ch, 2tr into next 2 ch sp, 2 dc into ch1. ch2 and begin to work around the end of the ch. Make 1dc into next loop, repeat from *to* and fasten off neatly.


Once you have made your flowers and leaves you will need to make a wreath to fasten them to. We used 2 sticks of pussy willow and 1 cherry blossom for ours, twisting one into a ring and then the next 2 around it consecutively to secure the shape! You will then need to thread a bit of yarn through the back of each of your flowers with a yarn needle and tie them firmly onto the wreath frame in a staggered pattern. We didn’t even sew the leaves on, we just tucked them at random into the woven gaps of the branches. TOP TIP! Make sure the branches you buy are quite thin and supple so they bend into a ring easily!


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