Recipe: Home Made Raw Snack Bars!

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Recipe: Home Made Raw Snack Bars!

Recipe: Home Made Raw Snack Bars! Its an understatement to say that we love to snack… its lifestyle choice. So why not try this simple and very cost effect energy boosting snack/treat recipe to give you a little extra kick when you need it most. Totally delicious, raw, vegan and gluten free!


Our ingredients were all bought from Poundland so 6 bars cost approx £1.50 which is a total bargain compared to what you might pay for them in the shops!

You will need: (Cashew cookie flavour)

185g pitted dates

56g raisins

100g cashews


Place dates and raisins into your blender and whiz until roughly chopped. Now add your cashews (I crushed mine in my pestle and mortar first) and blend on high until the mixture becomes creamy and like a thick paste. WARNING! My blender made an awfully laud noise trying to get through this lot so try pulsing in medium blasts!.. it might take a while but is totally worth it. There will probably also still be chunks of nuts etc but that’s cool. Do not add any liquid as this will stop the mixture from setting.

Once your mixture is well blended press it into the bottom of a small Tupperware (I lined mine with cling film to aid its removal later) Place in fridge for a minimum of 2 hours and then you are ready to cut it into portions. I cut my mixture into 6 bar slices which each weighed approx 45g. Next wrap them in a little grease proof baking parchment and place back in the fridge until you get a little peckish or are packing your lunch! I should imagine that because all the ingredients are natural and already dried they will last in the fridge for several weeks… unless you are greedy like us in which case give it 3 days tops!



Try adding 20g cocoa and the grated rind of 1 orange to your blender for chocolate orange flavour bars… they are equally amazing!

Enjoy x


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