Inspiration: S+S Microloan Foundation Poster

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Inspiration: S+S Microloan Foundation Poster

Inspiration: S+S Microloan Foundation Poster. We are really excited to be able to show you the finished artwork for our poster that will be going up on the London Underground as part or a fantastic campaign with Microloan Foundation. Women in business helping women in Africa set up their own business buy purchasing a poster space as part of what they hope will become an annual event! We were lucky enough to nab one of these spots (there are only 200!) and can’t wait to see the finished design which is going to be a huge poster stuck up at a station (not confirmed which yet..) in London!


Our poster has been designed to help promote our new craft books, Embroidery, Crochet, Printmaking and Paper Cutting but there are a vast array of different business being showcased through this event and all profit goes directly to help the women in Africa involved.

This year we are trying to be more active in our support of other women in business and groups such as The Craftivists and local Girl Gangs. With huge national projects such as This Girl Can going from strength to strength all over the UK now is definitely the time to get involved and support one another! Have you become more socially or politically active recently? What causes or groups do you support or does the idea scare you? We’d love to hear! This year more than ever is about joining forces and using our skills for good and to make new awesome friends along the way!


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