DIY: Calavera Skull Decoration

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DIY: Calavera Skull Decoration

DIY: Calavera Skull Decoration. Today’s project is Super+Super’s offering to the #DOTDblogParty…  our version of a Calavera skull which is traditionally made as an offering during the Dia de los muertos festivities in exchange for luck, health and wealth, makes a lovely little plant decoration of if you are feeling particularly joyous a fun cake topper! More often than not these decorations are made from sugar and decorated with icing and beads and piled high at alters and in traditional Mexican shrines. Our little fella however is polystyrene and has found himself a nice succulent to rest in.

You will need:

Polystyrene skull decoration from Hobbycraft

chalk pens

crepe paper + matching embroidery floss

a skewer



mini pom poms
SAMSUNG CSC1- Cut 3 little piles of 6 squares of crepe paper. Ours were approx 3″ by 2.5″ but they can be quite rough.SAMSUNG CSC

2- Cut a short length of floss and after folding your little pile of paper in a concertina tie this around the centre to make a bow like fan.SAMSUNG CSC

3- Fan out the layers to create a mini paper pom-pom!SAMSUNG CSC

4- Repeat this 3 times. We then used our scissors and cut into each layer to add more texture.SAMSUNG CSC

4- Cut 2 more pieces of crepe approx 2″ x 4″ and carefully cut into little paper fringes pieces!SAMSUNG CSC


5- Push your skewer into the underside of the skull and make sure it is secure (you might want to add a spot of glue here)SAMSUNG CSC

6- Squeeze a thin line of glue along the top of your paper fringing…SAMSUNG CSC

…And wrap around your skewer approx 1″ down from the skull. Repeat this step with the next paper fringe layering it slightly higher up.SAMSUNG CSC

Pens at the ready!SAMSUNG CSC

7- This next bit is a little freestyle which as you should know by now we love!Starting by filling in the eye sockets with dark colours you can then cover your skull with a lovely random array of dots, lines and squiggles!SAMSUNG CSC

Our Pinterest board has lots of sugar skull deco inspiration so if you are stuck for a design just take a look there.SAMSUNG CSC

8- Now you are ready to stick your paper pom-poms on to the top of your skull!SAMSUNG CSC

9- We finished our design with a few additional mini pom-poms! More is definitely more for this project. We hope you have fun making yours!SAMSUNG CSC




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