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Craftivist Collective hand embroidered gentle protext slogan stitched onto a patterned piece of purple print fabric

Creative Seasons / Spring Craft Project Inspiration

Creative Seasons / Spring Craft Project Inspiration

Hello folks! I have created a mood board with a few key images that will inspire my spring creative seasons projects & craftivism and wanted to share this with you. Small and special projects are high on my list this season. As well as working on a craftivism project inspired by the ever inspiring Sarah Corbett’s ongoing gentle protesting methods with the Craftivist Collective!

It’s taken a while to find what felt like the right direction for this first ‘creative season’ of projects. But small nature/nurture outdoorsy and plant inspired ideas feel right and a fun way to get other’s involved too! I am also going to use up lots of ends of yarn and scraps of fabrics for these first project to help spring clean my craft stash… And challenge myself a little further! Find full details about the mood board images and more on the Spring Craft Project Inspiration Pinterest board. I will also be posting more about these projects on my IG as I continue to curate this first season and share some progress. Feel free to tag your spring craft projects too using #creativeseasons

a mood board featuring spring craft projects

Title image care of The Craftivist Cllective. Clockwise from top left

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Women Who Create / Chloe & Abigail Baldwin


Women Who Create / Amy Buxton