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Super+Super Online School Of Craft Special Offer. Hello Folks! Its getting cold and grey outside and if you are anything like me you are getting ready to cosy up at home and have begun planning a winter’s worth of new creative projects… which means every night is a staying in and crafting night. This time of year is pretty exciting isn’t it! There has been a big trend for all things Hygge this year aka the Danish art of cosy happiness and all things slow winter mindfulness. Some of you may have seen all the gorgeous little books that are available or some of you might just already do your very own version of hygge. I know for me as soon as the leaves begin to turn and the light goes that’s the signal that UK winter weather is around the corner and its time to prep for cosy evenings in and crafty meet ups with friends!

I am happy to have a brilliant group of friends in my town but also those that I stay in touch with via Skype or email on a regular basis. So for me the winter months are about using free time well to get projects finished and begin planning for a new year! I love crafting at home and working on projects online with friends sharing ideas, inspiration and feeling connected to a wonderful online community of creative peers.

I also love working on mending and upcycling projects during the winter such as darning holes in favourite socks and well worn sweaters, or putting finishing touches to me made outfits left over from the summer… ready for next year!

With this in mind and with the filming of several new exciting crochet and weaving classes about to begin I thought i’d post a little reminder that over on my online school of crafting the Geometric Pop Pocket Tote Bag class & Misty Mountain Wall Hanging class are both now available as separate single project courses. AND what’s more everyone who signs up to either of these online projects in the next month will receive free enrolment onto the crochet i-cord mini course PLUS a free copy of my gorgeous printable planner page PDF! If that wasn’t enough of a treat to get you crafting at home this winter and involved in a super creative online community, the first 10 enrolments will receive a 10% discount code for my upcoming Weaving For Beginners Online Course coming in December.

special course offer

To preview all current courses available over on my online school of craft click here. You can join the school now without signing up for a class to be sent notifications when NEW classes are released and to be kept in the know about exciting offers, inspiration, project discounts and how to get all the yarns that accompany my projects at a discounted price. Feel free to drop me a message on social media or email to if you have any queries.

Happy Sunday!

Amy x

*This offer will be available until November 30th 10pm and is available to everyone! First 10 enrolments will receive a special 10% off the upcoming ‘Weaving For Beginner’s Course’ – 1 discount code per student (not per project enrolment) Please email me at if you have any queries or questins about the course, online school of crating or yarns. Offer will be emailed directly to student once purchase complete.


Upcycle / DIY Desk Organiser

I have been meaning to post this project for a while and finally got it up on the wall this weekend! If like me you are always losing track of your keys, lists and often leave the house thinking you’ve left something behind this little upcycle diy is probably just what you need! Its so simple and is just created by using up bits and bobs left from old projects and a few diy components from the shed.

You will need:

An unused picture frame

Piece of peg board (bigger than frame)

Glue gun



Saw/Stanley knife

Washi & cello tapes


screw hooks and bulldog clips

The nature of using up old bits and bobs means that everyone will come out with a different shape or sized piece which I think is kind of cool. All you need to do is…

1 – Remove glass and back panel from frame

2 – Trace around the frame onto your peg board to get the right sizing, then cut board down to size (Be careful here!)

3 – Heat up glue gun and squeeze around the back edge of your frame, press board in place!

glue white peg board into place behind gold frame

4 – cut a couple of roughly 10″ pieces of cord and wrap frayed ends with cello tape. now poke through from back to front and through holes in bulldog clips to secure. Finish on messy side of frame.


5 – Screw in hooks securely and then add washi tape to decorate!


Mollie Makes Crochet Video Collaboration is here! I am thrilled to be able to share my latest project for Mollie Makes website with you… I have collaborated with the team to create a series of crochet how to instructional videos! Each short video features step by step instructions for specific techniques that work as stand alone tutorials or you can use them alongside Issue 68 this month’s cover project ‘Amigurumi Mermaid & Friends’.

Learn the basics in 12 days! Play, pause, stitch, re-watch! This series features all the basics to have you crocheting like a pro in no time at all! You can can sign up to my newsletter where I will be sending videos out next week or access all 12 here!

AND you can also find more lovely on-line crochet project classes at my on-line crafts school. Sign up and take a tour of the courses available… there are lots of free previews, inspo and info about the classes. New projects coming soon so enrol to make sure you receive new course info, discounts and group membership.

Happy crocheting gang! x

geometric colour work crochet swatches in bright blue, neon orange and white, triangle geometric pattern designs. blue and yellow yarns accompanied by all the tools needed to craft at our workshops

Mollie Makes / Festival Pal Bum Bag. Roll on summer time and all those brightly coloured festival vibes! I am thrilled to share a peek of my latest project for Mollie Makes Subscribers Club from issue 67 which is available now! All my friends will be getting a version of this brightly coloured baby for christmas… I know serious forward planning! You can download the templates on the Mollie Makes website and find the full tutorial in all its pom-pommy glory on page 25 of the latest edition. Yay! I hope you have lots of fun making your own version of this project.

i'm in Mollie-Makes-issue-67

mollie makes subs club issue 67

The Basics Of A Great Crochet Pattern. Most crafters/designer-makers have their way of writing a crochet pattern…. a lot like a handwriting which they develop over time! However standard patterns should contain a few essentials that each have to make that pattern digestible and easy for another reader to use! Here are the basics:

  • A list of materials, sizing information
  • Row by row (or round by round) instructions
  • Finishing techniques
  • Yarn weight, hook size to match – included on the packaging of your yarn ball!
  • A list of abbreviations
  • Stitch diagram key (If diagrams are included)
  • Care instructions

What you look for when buying yarn

the basics of a great crochet pattern

As you can see from the yarn label above most brands come with all the information you need to choose the right hook size, tension and after care/washing instructions! They also include the dye lot number so you can match your ball of yarn exactly if you run out half way through a project… Always keep this information just in case!

Col = shade colour

Lot = yarn dye lot

Ref = product reference

Getting to grips with crochet

Don’t worry if you find holding your hook or working crochet stitches awkward at first… after a few attempts you’ll easily get the hang of it all!

There are 2 main ways of holding your hook…  Here’s a special little video tutorial to get you started on the right foot! This is a super simple way to visualise the method if you get stuck.

And remember learning a new craft skill is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress and even improve your confidence. It will also allow you the opportunity to connect with some amazing creative people!

DIY Paper Flower Tutorial. Hi Guys! You might have seen the inspo’ post on here at the start of this week… well following on from that I have created a nice little basic paper flower making tutorial for you all to try. The steps and method for this poppy/anemone style bloom are a great foundation for a whole bunch of different styles of flowers! And I thought with Mother’s day and Easter coming up it a perfect spring time tutorial to create for you!

So… You will need:

3 colours of crepe

florists hobby wires + tape

UHU glue


paper flower tutorial materials

Start your flower by creating a centre. There are many variations here but we are going to use a basic bud centre stuffed with some scrunched up tissue/crepe.

1 – To start scrunch up a small bit of scrap tissue or crepe and roll into a ball. Now cut a square of crepe in colour A for your bud. This square must be big enough to wrap generously around the ball.paper flower tutorial materials

2 – Poke the end of your wire into the centre of your ball of paper (I fold the end of my wires over… but that’s just personal preference)making paper flower centre

3 – Now place wire with ball centrally onto your colour A square… and dab a spot of UHU on each corner.making paper flower centre

4 – Fold the square up and around the ball…making paper flower centre

5 – … and twist to cover the scrunched paper ball with the square of colour A crepe paper.finished flower centre

Next you will make a fringed layer…adding a fringed centre

6 – Cut a rectangular piece in Colour B (the size of the colour A square and then in half again…) Use your scissors to create a fringed effect by cutting down to just above the bottom edge of rectangle all the way along its length. dab a thin layer of glue along the edge before you attach.adding a fringed centre with uhu glue

7 – wrap glued edge of fringed piece around the base of your bud stretching the crepe a little as you go for extra security! I used closed scissors to curl my fringe before attaching.adding a fringed centre with uhu glue

completed paper flower centre

8 – Once dry you can begin creating petals! Use the lines on your crepe as a guide when cutting petal shapes out. These are roughly 2″ high by 1″ wide.making paper flower petals tutorial

9 – Use the lines on your crepe as a guide when cutting petal shapes out. These are roughly 2″ high by 1″ wide.

The trick to creating lovely petals is not so much in the cutting… but in the shaping! I fluted the top edge of each petal to create a ruffles effect. This can be achieved easily by holding your petal between your thumbs in both hands and stretching the gathers in the crepe away from each other… wilist also twisting one hand toward and one hand away from you.making paper flower petals tutorial

10 – Before dabbing the bottom of each petal with a spot of glue scrunch it together a little the shape the petal a little more. Add glue and press onto the wire stem below the fringe join.adding first layer of paper petals to bloom

11 – Work with pairs of petals positioned opposite each other layering and overlapping and glueing in place as you go.adding first layer of paper petals to bloom

12 – You might want to make your first layer using slightly smaller petals and then the second with larger ones to add more of a roundness to your finished bloom.layer two petals of paper flower

13 – Once the glue has set and all your petals are serurely in place its time to finish and shape further with some florist tape. This stuff goes a long way and I love how stretchy it is!

TOP TIP! cut a length approx 2″ long and stretch it out a little before you begin wrapping around your petals. This helps the waxed surface of the tape stick together more easily!Securing and finishing with floristry tape

14 – Place your strip of tape on the wire step just below the widening part of the flower… twist your flower around and wrap quite tightly.You want to use this tape to hide and glue/gaps and secure and finish each flower tidily. There are so many different colours and width of tape so play with different combinations!Securing and finishing with floristry tape

Use the steps for making the bud and fringe layer to create some fun little fringed filler flowers before you pop them in a bottle or vase.

Securing and finishing with floristry tape

You can join our first paper flower making weekend workshop on Saturday 19th March 10a,-2pm in Nottingham for Paper Flower Garland Making Workshop or at our Paper Flower Bouqeut Making Class on Saturday 4th June 10am-2pm. Click through the links above for full details and ticketing! Both workshops are ideal for beginner paper crafters and all are welcome! Why not bring your Mum along to the March workshop and treat her for Mother’s Day? Find more paper craft inspo on our dedicated Pinterest board here. Happy Friday folks! Amy x

vase of finished paper flowers

Felt Succulent Anti Valentines Gift DIY

You will need:

-Several different coloured felt squares – we used wool mix felt as the colour is more natural and the quality is lovely!

-A hot melt glue gun and sticks

-sharp pointy scissors

-1 print out of our handy free succulent template PDF here

-Pins to attach template pieces to your felt

-Pinking shears for adding texture to leaves (optional)

materials for felt succulent tutorial

Start by using our handy leaf template to cut out lots of different leaves. You Should cut each paper shape out and pin onto your chosen felt square.

Free printable craft stencil felt succulent diy


felt leaves for succulent tutorial

You will need roughly 8 large leaves, 6 medium leaves and 2 x 4 smallest leaves for this first succulent. Begin by attaching largest leaves first to create a sturdy base layer. Space them evenly and then fill in the gaps!Making a felt succulent step 1 attaching leaves

adding layer 2 leaves for felt succulent tutorial

Once your glue is set add the next layer of leaves. Stagger their position to add shape to your little plant.felt succulent tutorial

Roll your centre piece (tiny 3 leave shape on template) with a dot of glue in the centre to create a little 3D centre leaf.finally add the centre bunch of felt leaves

Attach this in the centre middle of your felt succulent creation to finish!Finished  felt succulent

Cut 7/8 larger leaves, 5 medium, 2 x 4 smaller rows of leaves using our hand free template. Prepare your leaves before assembling. Follow the guideline on your template to add central cut to each leaf. Add a dot of glue and stick as you overlap. This gives each leaf a lovely curved shape.
second style of felt succulent

Start with the largest leaves around the outside edge. Overlap slightly as you stick them down for a full look!
second style of felt succulent

7/8 leaves works best for this version.
second style of felt succulent

Overlap your shaped leaves for the most natural look and layer up!
adding second layer of felt succulent leaves

You could display each succulent in a separate lovely little pot and then share them with all your friends as gifts this Valentine’s.finished felt succulent in pot

Once you have played with different colours and versions of succulents from the template yo are ready to style them into a lovely gift!
mix of differnt styles of felt succulents

We used an old chocolate box which we first stuffed with our bubble wrap as a gorgeous house for our happy little plants!
anti valentines gift felt succulent tutorial with free printable template

anti valentines gift felt succulent tutorial with free printable template

Why not try adding a brooch pin to the back to make a super cute succulent pin! There really are so many uses for this project. Plenty of variation helps you make a selection of different gifts for your many different ‘anti valentines’ pals.anti valentines gift felt succulent tutorial with free printable template

This project also makes great home-ware gift for any study or bedroom…
diy felt succulent project styled bedroom pic

diy felt succulent project styled bedroom pic
diy felt succulent project styled bedroom pic

Thanks for reading our latest craft diy project! We hope you have enjoyed it!? Its our first time offering a free template PDF and would love to hear your feedback. We plan on offering all mailing list subscribera a printable with all our future free craft projects for. So sign up here!  If you have any trouble downloading or finding the template please email us at

You can also use the hashtag #Supermakes to join our online craft community and tag your projects on FB, IG and TW. Can’t wait to see your projects!

Amy x

Get Inspired / Crochet. This week we wanted to share some lovely yarn-y craft inspiration with you as the first in another new inspo’ based blog series on the Super+Super site. In this series we want to bring you pictures, materials, trends, techniques and projects from around the web that is inspiring us and our craft workshops and studio life right now.

Its nice and chilly here today and i’m sure you are all wrapped up at work wishing the hours away until the weekend… we wanted to share with you a few of our top colourful crochet projects to get you inspired during this cold spell. January is definitely a time of change, planning and inspiration for the new year to come… we want ours to be filled with crochet craft project goodness! With our first crochet workshop of the year in Nottingham just around the corner we are brimming with ideas for new projects for the blog and crochet courses for 2016!

Here’s a lovely little house plant crochet project we created for Making Magazine last year… it remains a firm favourite and there are several different ways you can add variation. Try adding much longer fronds of leaves, more beads or a patterned pot!

crochet succulent house plant diy project from super+super website

This fresh take on an afghan round is a perfect intro to crocheting in the round… Thanks MessyLa!
crochet medallions from MessyLa blog post

It’s all in the details with this fancy crochet trim project from the Super+Super Crochet Project Book. Who can resist a pompom!?
fancy crochet tote bag trim a project from supersuperhq's crochet craft project book

We found Loopy Mango at a recent trade fair and fell in love pretty instantly! Their yarn is thick and luxurious… in the most fabulous array of colours.loopy mango yarn crochet project

Spruce up a classic Granny Square with a palette of bright and contrasting yarns… its a great project for an evening curled up on the sofa.
colourful afghan squares from super+Super crochet craft book with GMCAs always you can find us on facebook  or Instagram & Twitter @supersuperhq. We would love to hear what is currently inspiring you x