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Hi! i'm Amy and this is a little bit about my creative journey so far. I am the owner and creative force behind a small craft business with big ideas super+super. Hand craft is my expertise and sharing creative skills is my passion. Part designer, part thrifter, part freestyle creative, my heart and nimble fingers lie in crafting. I studied knitwear at uni and it's fair to say that I have been obsessed with yarn ever since! Although I would cheerily call myself a jack of all trades, the projects I create and share are largely based on home-ware and accessories items and sharing the practical skills you may need to live a 'make, do and mend' inspired life of your own. With a generous nod to sustainability through crafting. I love to crochet, embroider, weave, dye, fold, paint, macrame, scrap book, curate, cut and sew, knit, darn... and am never far from a half completed up-cycling project. I am also an etsy team leader for the nottingham team which is a brilliant role! Though running a creative business as a so called soloprenuer is not all playing with fabrics an tea dates, it can be a hard slog at times, I love being my own boss and feel happy and fulfilled as I strive in creating something much bigger than me... to share with you. Amy x

my studio desk with tea and nice note books
a soft grey and white cat curled up cosily on a brightly patterned bead spread taking a cat nap


Like I said my passion is sharing hands on creative skills with people looking for something colourful, fun and social in their lives. For me crafting items is a way to connect with people, to relax, to lift the spirits, to help problem solve, to improve concentration and to live a more mindful and sustainable life. But I also believe that living a creative life isn’t just about making craft projects… I think its in the way we do everything! Its how we think, feel and do the little things too. And for me that means making something with my hands every day!

For me living creatively also means spending time in the garden watching things grow, cooking delicious vegan meals and free-styling things my way whenever possible. I hope you can take a little of this magic with you and be inspired to find your craft along the way!

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