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Upcycle / DIY Desk Organiser

I have been meaning to post this project for a while and finally got it up on the wall this weekend! If like me you are always losing track of your keys, lists and often leave the house thinking you’ve left something behind this little upcycle diy is probably just what you need! Its so simple and is just created by using up bits and bobs left from old projects and a few diy components from the shed.

You will need:

An unused picture frame

Piece of peg board (bigger than frame)

Glue gun



Saw/Stanley knife

Washi & cello tapes


screw hooks and bulldog clips

The nature of using up old bits and bobs means that everyone will come out with a different shape or sized piece which I think is kind of cool. All you need to do is…

1 – Remove glass and back panel from frame

2 – Trace around the frame onto your peg board to get the right sizing, then cut board down to size (Be careful here!)

3 – Heat up glue gun and squeeze around the back edge of your frame, press board in place!

glue white peg board into place behind gold frame

4 – cut a couple of roughly 10″ pieces of cord and wrap frayed ends with cello tape. now poke through from back to front and through holes in bulldog clips to secure. Finish on messy side of frame.


5 – Screw in hooks securely and then add washi tape to decorate!


Super Craft Kit Bags Have Landed! If you follow my Instagram you will have seen a lot of pom-pom making recently… well today I can reveal why. The new limited edition range of Super+Super craft kit project bags are here! And my first range of crochet kits will hit Etsy in the next couple of weeks. I have been working on getting back into the making and products side of Super+Super for several months now, and slowly but surely after the release of my new on-line craft classes and website re-brand it has all fallen into place.

I am mega excited to share with you this first craft project bag design. Screen printed in my favourite teal colour by the awesome guys at DizzyInk Nottingham and hand sewn by me this new product is 100% hand made and the antidote to tangled yarns and chaotic craft projects!

There will be only 20 of these lovely hand made bags to begin with. I’m keeping things small run and special :)

If like me you always have several yarn based projects on the go you will probably already be a fan of the cotton tote bag (I literally have 4 craft projects bags in use atm!) or craft project bag. These little beauty’s measure approx 28cm x 32cm and fit up to 8 balls of yarn! Perfect for the crafty commuter or summer holiday project. With a draw string top and 3 colourful pom-poms to decorate. I hope you enjoy! I will be releasing *NEW*crochet craft kits + some limited edition products during August so join the newsletter here if you’d like to be the first to get access and know new release dates.

Scroll down for my 10 Tips For Happy Crafting!

super+super craft kits project bags super+super craft kits project bags

super+super craft kits project bags

super+super craft kits project bags

Watch this space for Super+Super craft project kits which will be hitting my Etsy shop very soon!
super+super craft kits project bags

10 Tips For Happy Crafting

  • Never be afraid to start something new – you can always unravel and start again if it doesn’t work out
  • Always keep your yarn balls wound up neatly – tangled yarn is a crochet fans worst nightmare!
  • Join your local stitch & bitch or craft social – you will meet some awesome new people
  • Take a small note book and pen with you everywhere – you never know when a new idea will strike!
  • Share your favourite projects with friends and crafty peers on IG – Its a great way to stay inspired
  • Use crafty hashtags on social media – My current favourite’s include #cbloggers #modernmaker #makersgonnamake #crochetgirlgang #creativecommunity #supermakes #myhandsmaking #buyhandmade #creativehappylife #creativityfound #abmcrafty
  • Tea & Cake a happy Crafter make
  • Take time on a weekend to read a few of your favourite craft/creative blogs, comment and see what is inspiring your peers
  • Keep a scrap book or folder of magazine tear outs, flyers and crafty bits like fabric samples
  • Charity shops – my favourite place to find unusual/retro craft books, random supplies and garments to refashion!

Mollie Makes / Al Fresco Feasting DIY. Just in time for our overdue British Summertime! You can find my latest crafty diy tutorial in the new edition of Mollie Makes Magazine, page 62-65. If you love a pom-pom and fancy a go at some simple shibori dying this project is perfect for you! I loved using the ceramics paint and found its a fantastic way to breath new life into old unloved or slightly worn crockery! Enjoy.




I am seriously excited to introduce this week’s peer to the series! Welcome Sarah Corbett the founder of The Craftivist Collective and one of my (and I suspect many of your’s) craft heroes to the ‘Women Who Create Things’ interview series. I was lucky enough to join Sarah and a group of lovely ladies and gents last year in Brighton when we took part in a craft activism stitch-in outside M&S. It was a brilliant couple of hours that sits high on my life achievements list.

Tell us a little about your background…

I am the founder of Craftivist Collective a social enterprise and community of people who do effective, gentle and beautiful activism using craft (needlework mostly) to tackle poverty and injustice in a beautiful, kind and just way. I’m from Liverpool but live in London. I’ve been an activist since the age of 3 and worked as a professional campaigner for large charities before setting up the collective because of the demand of people wanting to join in this slow, mindful and intriguing form of activism. As well as providing tools and kits for craftivists around the world to do alone or in groups I also work with charities, art institutions and universities around the world to help them do craftivism with their audiencessarah corbett craftivit with a group of studens out a lovely london cafe


Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focused and happy?

I always strive for our craftivism products and services to be beautiful, positive and the process is mediative for the maker to get the most out of it. Plus I made a manifesto as a checklist for our work


What two things can’t you live without?

Music – I love crafting to instrumental music to calm me down but also help me think

Creative activity – If I didn’t have something creative I can make with my hands I think it would really harm my mental health. It’s so fun and empowering making stuff whether it’s a birthday card or craftivism kit

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Too many! Reading Dumbo Feature magazine and all the amazing interviews in it with change makers, beautiful films that absorb me into their world, people watching!

What is the meaning of ‘craft’ to you?

For me craft is making something that requires learning and honing a skill to make the thing as beautiful and useful as possible.


If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone… who would it be & why?

Can I cheat and say that I’ve recently finished my dream collaboration with one of my heroes? It was with Sophie Howarth (who co-founded The School of Life) for her new business Department Store for the Mind. We made ‘Tools for Changemakers’ and the process was as amazing as I had hoped and we are very proud of the results here

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process?

I stitched a message on a canvas footprint here that I have on my bookshelf in my bedroom. I spot it before I leave my room each morning and it really helps challenge me to live intentionally and ethically and not just be on fast autopilot each day to get through my emails

What is the best thing about running your *business/working for yourself?

All of the emails, letters and online comments from people saying how much they find my tools and services so useful for them in their journey to being a good global citizen. Priceless and so inspiring!

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

I could say it’s when Malala or Russell Brand came to one of my workshops and talks or teaching students at Bauhaus University how to use their design skills to improve our world but for me it’s knowing that I’ve helped people feel part of a community of like minded gentle craftivists sharing their process, ‘crafter-thoughts’ and craftivism pieces with each other and others to engage people in social justice.

Truly inspiring stuff, thank you for sharing some amazing insight with us Sarah! Find more on The Craftivit Collective blog and in the shop

Event / Craft Social Nottingham. In the name of trying to be super organised now I have this shiny new website, I thought i’d post about all the upcoming dates for our Nottingham Stitch&Bitch Craft Social. That way those of you who want to come along to a future event will have all the info to find our little creative group in the heart of Notts!

So what is it? Its a FREE monthly craft social held at The Malt Cross Nottingham. A casual evening of crafting. You bring along your current craft project or inspiration and join a bunch of like minded creative folk who just wanna craft, chat and have a brew/vino!

Each month new faces join and friendships are formed. And I am extremely happy to say that we have now been meeting for 8 months! Its a very friendly group which varies in size each month. No one ever brings the same projects which is really exciting to see. From crochet doughnuts to hand made bobbin lace we welcome all genres of craft enthusiast!

So here are some dates for the next couple of months…

Thursday 21st July

Thursday 18th August

Wednesday 14th September

Wednesday 5th October

Wednesday 2nd November

Wednesday 14th December

We meet from 7-9pm upstairs in ‘The Snug’ at The Malt Cross. I have also now created a dedicated Facebook group for the event so we can chat, share pictures from the social and craft tips etc. You can find/join that here. If you have any questions or just want to say hi! before you come to the social email Amy at

Looking forward to seeing you all soon x


malt cross stitch & Bitch craft social poster

Inspiration / Pantone & Yarn. Combining Pantone colour cards and yarn shades for a fun mini inspiration project. Choosing colours can often be confusing and a barrier to getting stuck into a new project… but finding inspiration in them is almost magical! In this post I share a few snaps I took whilst planning a new project and will share more combinations as the project develops. The cards are simple paint colour cards from B&Q which as soon as I saw obviously snapped up one of each! Irresistible. Many of you will be fans of the Pantone project on IG and I guess this is a little yarnspiration based around that.

Do you have a special way you choose colours, yarns, fabrics? Do you use pegs to wrap yarn? How do you overcome times of creative burnout? Or even overwhelm!?

There are so many visually gorgeous ways to get the ideas flowing! As part of my current aim of trying to get back into creative exploration, sketchbook work, painting and crafting to play and learn, colour play and getting out of a bit of creative burnout this project is a real refresher! Enjoy x
Lilac pantone yarn inspiration

Orange pantone yarn inspiration

Blue pantone yarn inspiration

This week I welcome Becky Queen of Frocks to the blog! As one of the most active creative people I know Becky not only runs her own Etsy business creative wonderful hand drafted garments… whilst working on a full time Phd, but is also captain of the Nottingham Esty Team which has been running for just over a year! Pretty inspiring i’d say. Find out more about her creative practices below.

Tell us a little about your background…

Hello! I’m Becky, and I make beautiful yet functional women’s clothes. I’ve been sewing for longer than I can remember; mum used to let me loose on her sewing machine when I was young so I could make crazy little jackets for my soft toys!

The first incarnation of Becky, Queen of Frocks was born in 2009 when I started making dresses for friends, but real life and a 9-to-5 job quickly took over and dressmaking fell by the wayside until I officially launched my Etsy shop in 2013. Since then I’ve been slowly growing my business alongside a full time PhD – it’s a lot of work, but getting to do what I love makes it 100% worth the effort.

4-product in situ

Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focused and happy?

I always keep my work area really clean and tidy – it doesn’t sound like a big deal, but my studio is at home so it would be really easy to get complacent. I’m a scientist by day so order and planning are key; after each sewing session I make sure everything is organised and ready for me to just sit down and sew the next time.

3a - inspo

What two things can’t you live without?

Apart from my sewing machine I’d say that my overlocker and seam ripper are probably the two tools I use most. The overlocker means that I can professionally finish each piece, and anyone who’s ever had to unpick a bit of sewing will know how invaluable a seam ripper is!

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I’m not sure I have just one source of inspiration – wherever I am, I can’t help thinking about what I might like to make next. If I’m sitting behind someone on the bus I can’t help having a sneaky peek at how their jacket might have been constructed, or thinking about how an outfit I see in an old film might work in modern fabrics.

3c - inspo


If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone… who would it be & why?

I’d love to collaborate with some international astronomical surveys so I could make fabric with their awesome images – can you imagine how cool it would be to have the Hubble Ultra Deep field on a frock?!

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process?

My pin cushion/thread catcher – my mum made it for me a few years ago, and it’s the perfect combination of functional, yet beautiful, design. These are two qualities that I try to carry through each piece I make, so having the pin cushion/thread catcher next to me while I’m sewing is a great reminder of that.

What is the best thing about running your *business/blog/working for yourself?

Being able to do what I love for a living! Each time I sit down to make an item, even something I’ve made dozens of times before, I can’t help thinking, ‘I LOVE sewing! I really do!’. That’s pretty great :-)

3b - inspo

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

I think being approached to be a mentor for #EtsyResolution was probably one of my proudest moments. I started my Etsy journey being mentored by an established seller, so it was pretty overwhelming to be asked to be a mentor myself!

5 - pet

Find you very own hand crafted garment here or follow her on FB! You can stay up to date with Becky’s creative adventures on her blog now!

Mollie Makes Crochet Video Collaboration is here! I am thrilled to be able to share my latest project for Mollie Makes website with you… I have collaborated with the team to create a series of crochet how to instructional videos! Each short video features step by step instructions for specific techniques that work as stand alone tutorials or you can use them alongside Issue 68 this month’s cover project ‘Amigurumi Mermaid & Friends’.

Learn the basics in 12 days! Play, pause, stitch, re-watch! This series features all the basics to have you crocheting like a pro in no time at all! You can can sign up to my newsletter where I will be sending videos out next week or access all 12 here!

AND you can also find more lovely on-line crochet project classes at my on-line crafts school. Sign up and take a tour of the courses available… there are lots of free previews, inspo and info about the classes. New projects coming soon so enrol to make sure you receive new course info, discounts and group membership.

Happy crocheting gang! x

geometric colour work crochet swatches in bright blue, neon orange and white, triangle geometric pattern designs. blue and yellow yarns accompanied by all the tools needed to craft at our workshops