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News / Super+Super Crochet e-Course Is Here!

Hello Folks! After 6 months in the making I am excited to be able to properly introduce you all to “Crochet For The Colourful Creative” the first in my series of creative e-courses. In this post I share some behind the scenes snippets, what the course includes and a lovely little inspo video!

The idea for this course has come along as a natural progression of everything I have been working on at Super+Super over the past 4 years and is that start of a range of lots of new online projects, workshops and products coming to you during summer 2016 and beyond! I am especially excited to be revamping my Etsy store over the next couple of months so watch this space for all sorts of craft filled treats! But let’s get back to the e-course for now…

Supersuperhq Granny squares

So here’s what the course includes:

  • 4 original crochet project + patterns

  • 4 project HACKS – turning your 4 projects into 8!
  • video how-tos for stitches included in a comprehensive technical chapter
  • Course intro/inspiration video
  • Printables including: hack sheet for each project, crochet patterns + diagrams, shopping list, TOP TIPS! throughout, crochet abbreviation + terms UK/US sheet, list of stockists, Hashtags for crafters poster
  • Beautifully illustrated slides to accompany how-to section + materials 
  • Fancy Finishes section including – sewing technique to finish projects, styling tips – tassels/pom-poms, adding bag straps
  • Access to an exclusive members only online community group
  • Skype assistance when you need it
  • Loyalty/Members card
  • Fortnightly email check ins to see how you are getting on with course
  • Amazing original content and designs to get you crocheting like a pro!

And remember, if you get stuck at any point during the course… I am only a Skype call away!


Round 1 Spring LAUNCH + Enrolment time…

Like other on-line courses ‘Crochet For The Colourful Creative’ will be open for enrolment for 4 weeks after it launches. Once enrolment closes student will have 24/7 access to their course, all the materials available to download and will be a lifetime member of my on-line school to enjoy all the benefits of the course wherever & whenever they want to get their S+S craft fix! *Please note this course will run twice a year only!

The course goes live on Tuesday May 3rd 10am GMT

If you are excited to see more before you join sign up to mailing list here for course module previews and an exclusive mailing list subscriber only discount.

supersuperhq misty mountain crochet e-course project

A bit of background…

So as you know I love crafting and running my creative business is where my heart lies! I also find serious joy in meeting new people at my craft workshops, hearing their stories and teaching them awesome new creative skills to inspiring new hobbies or even the start of a more creative lifestyle!

For those of you who don’t know I am also a trained knitwear/textiles designer and have always loved creating patterns, projects and garments with fabrics and yarns! My entire degree collection was crochet based and ever since graduating I have looked for a way to connect all my skills and expertise together to allow me to share it with others!


So here I am! A whole new offering from me as Super+Super and hopefully one you will enjoy and find a lot of value in.

From first inspo and planning… to designing the projects included, styling, filming and pattern writing… this is my biggest project to date. I have poured every ounce of my crochet powers into making this course as fun, accessible, knowledge packed and exiting as possible! I have made projects I love and am excited to share with you!

Women Who Create / Gabriella Rizzello. In today’s edition of Women Who Create Things Their Way I have the pleasure of introducing vegan food blogger Gabriella! Full of the most delicious inspiration her recipes and new pop up kitchen based in Brighton are inspiring friends and family to make healthier food and lifestyle choices! Here is a look at her delicious world as a small business owner.


Tell us a little about your background… 

I’m a half British half Italian food blogger. I graduated from Brighton University in 2009 with a degree in photography. Shortly after, my Mum passed away, which meant I went into the family restaurant business, rather than becoming a photographer. It wasn’t all bad though, food was my other passion. My experience in the restaurant industry is what led me to start my blog and then later to become a Gelato Chef. I’ve spent the last two years making Gelato, which in turn led me to becoming Vegan – too much milk! And as of two days ago, I became freelance so that I can work full-time on my blog.


Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focused and happy?

I have to admit I’m quite a bad procrastinator. I use certain tools to help me meet my goals. I try to work to an editorial calendar for my blog posts and I use a daily handwritten schedule to help me manage my time.

What two things can’t you live without?

I eat a lot! I always have healthy snacks available to graze on throughout the day to keep me motivated and energised. I’m a big fan of 6music and listen everyday whilst working.


What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

I get inspiration from all sorts of places and surprisingly my main source of inspiration is not food related. I find creative people inspiring and love going to art exhibitions and gigs. So I’d say artists and musicians are probably my biggest motivator and push me to try and be great at what I do. I think travel is very important too, even if it’s just getting out of the city you live in. One of my favourite lines is – Eat Well, Travel Often.


What is the meaning of ‘craft’ to you?

Ever since I was little, I’ve always loved making things. I’m a big fan of handmade gifts. When I think of craft, I think back to when I was younger and making handmade gifts for people with my Mum – we used to spend hours doing it! Very fond memories.

If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone… who would it be & why?

I’ve wanted to create my own foodie pop-up for a few years now, but never found the right person to do it with. Through working at Gelato Gusto I have met some lovely people and made some great friends. Consequently I’ve found the right person to collaborate with on this project. We’re currently at the early stages of planning our pop-up, which will focus on plant-based food – watch this space!


 Do you have a favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process?

I don’t really have a piece of equipment, but I do have a lot of cookery books that I look at to get day-to-day inspiration. I also love a notebook. I write lots of lists and goals to keep me motivated and on track.

What is the best thing about running your *business/blog/working for yourself?

When I was blogging and working full-time I really enjoyed having my own thing to get stuck into on my days off. Now that I’ve gone freelance, I love the freedom it gives me. And the fact you can work from anywhere! It’s also great knowing that if I’m having a bad day and in need of a hug, I can just go upstairs and have a cuddle with my cats.

my cats

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

Inspiring people to eat healthier. I know it sounds silly, but I actually forget that people read my blog! It’s so nice when people tell me that they’ve started eating certain things or that they’ve cooked one of my recipes. I’m pleased to say that so far I’ve helped over 10 people turn to a plant based diet.

Head over to Gabriella’s blog Mangia Bene now for all her latest recipe’s, inspiration and info about Planted her new foodie pop-up!

Creative Biz / A few Things I’ve Learnt. Today’s post is perhaps a little bit random… but hopefully also useful! I have been collecting these snippets over the past couple of weeks as I learn and develop my own business practices. I also had fun making a few into nice little Instagram friendly pics using Pablo by buffer. I will be continuing this little project over the next few months as a fun biz inspo’ kind of activity so that I don’t just forget it all! If you have any favourite phrases or tips you’d like to share i’d love to hear them! You can email me at

Asking for help is liberating. If you can’t a ask someone…ask Google. Solving that problem for yourself and learning along the way is my current most liberating thing!

Running your own business is damn hard work. But ultimately the most rewarding thing I know. A great little affirmation I sometimes use on a stressful day is ‘I chose this & it chose me’.

Instagram is never 100% true/real. Don’t compare yourself to it. Find your own realness!Instagram is never truly real

RuPaul is fierce. ‘If you can’t love yourself… then how the hell you gonna love somebody else?!’Love yourself

Podcasts are a constant source of information and inspiration. I use the Stitcher App on my mobile to listen to loads of amazing shows whilst I work! Current favourites include Elise Gets Crafty, Being Boss, Magic Lessons with Liz Gilbert, anything featuring Brene Bown <3

This Daily Planner has changed my life for the better via

It OFFICIAL! Crafting is good for the soul, relaxation, mental health and building friendships. Have a read of this Metro article for more details…Why not join a local craft social!?crafting is good for the soul

Snapchat is seriously confusing (and i’d argue pointless. Call me old fashioned but i’m just getting to grips with periscope!)

Sleep/taking a nap is curative. Yep its true! When we sleep our brain processes, sorts and absorbs all the info we have ingested and puts it in the right places. Find more on the National Sleep Foundation website.

goal setting is amazing for business and life joy!Setting goals is life changing and creates a stronger sense of purpose (in life and business) Try using this worksheetsheet from Monique Malcolm

BFF's foreverMaking new friends is amazing, so is staying in with your old ones. There is never a bad time to pick up the phone and say hiii!

Women Who Create / Sandeep Pawar. This week I am really happy to introduce you to Sandeep who runs her company Planes workshop a Brighton based craft and party decoration/styling biz. You may recognise her work from our Candy Skull Garland DIY back in the summer!? Each piece of Sandeep’s collection are hand cut, sewn and layered with some of her bigger private commissions taking days to complete… So very worth it as the results are stunning! I hope you enjoy reading about what makes her and her business tick in this fortnight’s instalment of ‘Women Who Create Things’.

Planes Workshop Brighton banner

Tell us a little about your background… 

I’m a craft based designer from Coventry specialising in felt and paper party decor. From my home in Brighton, I run creative studio ‘Planes Workshop’ where I design party decor from felt and paper.

When I’m not making garlands and cake toppers, I run sister label Mama Wolf; a unisex accessories brand specialising in bespoke neck and bow ties as well as pocket squares and cravats.

2015 7Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focussed and happy?

I sit alone with my sketch book and diary and plan. These two tools enable me to scribble all my ideas down and also plan the months ahead. For me, this is key to staying organised and in turn keeps me calm and focused.

What two things can’t you live without?

Music and shortbread

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

Geometric patterns and nature.



What is the meaning of ‘craft’ to you?

Craft is the purest expression of what dwells in your soul.

If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone… who would it be & why?

Beci Orpin. Her work is fresh and without boundaries. To have my name next to hers…OMG I die!

ss8Do you have a  favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process?

I have a fancy pen for mapping out my designs.


What is the best thing about running your *business/blog/working for yourself?

You set the rules. Sure, these rules have to be business conscious and viable, but it is you making the decisions, taking the risks, creating opportunities. Its f***ing awesome!

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

Being selected to appear on Channel 4’s Kirstie Allsopp’s Handmade Christmas where I designed and styled a Christmas table . During a period of self doubt this experience really cemented my belief in myself and encouraged me to work harder keep marching.

Planes Workshop Brighton banner

 You can find more about Planes Workshop/Mama Wolf … buy your very own piece in her store Here and like on Facebook too!
Our next instalment of #Womenwhocreate will feature vegan food blogger and photographer Gabriella of Mangia Bene Blog on April 19th! Mmmm yum x