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DIY Paper Flower Tutorial. Hi Guys! You might have seen the inspo’ post on here at the start of this week… well following on from that I have created a nice little basic paper flower making tutorial for you all to try. The steps and method for this poppy/anemone style bloom are a great foundation for a whole bunch of different styles of flowers! And I thought with Mother’s day and Easter coming up it a perfect spring time tutorial to create for you!

So… You will need:

3 colours of crepe

florists hobby wires + tape

UHU glue


paper flower tutorial materials

Start your flower by creating a centre. There are many variations here but we are going to use a basic bud centre stuffed with some scrunched up tissue/crepe.

1 – To start scrunch up a small bit of scrap tissue or crepe and roll into a ball. Now cut a square of crepe in colour A for your bud. This square must be big enough to wrap generously around the ball.paper flower tutorial materials

2 – Poke the end of your wire into the centre of your ball of paper (I fold the end of my wires over… but that’s just personal preference)making paper flower centre

3 – Now place wire with ball centrally onto your colour A square… and dab a spot of UHU on each corner.making paper flower centre

4 – Fold the square up and around the ball…making paper flower centre

5 – … and twist to cover the scrunched paper ball with the square of colour A crepe paper.finished flower centre

Next you will make a fringed layer…adding a fringed centre

6 – Cut a rectangular piece in Colour B (the size of the colour A square and then in half again…) Use your scissors to create a fringed effect by cutting down to just above the bottom edge of rectangle all the way along its length. dab a thin layer of glue along the edge before you attach.adding a fringed centre with uhu glue

7 – wrap glued edge of fringed piece around the base of your bud stretching the crepe a little as you go for extra security! I used closed scissors to curl my fringe before attaching.adding a fringed centre with uhu glue

completed paper flower centre

8 – Once dry you can begin creating petals! Use the lines on your crepe as a guide when cutting petal shapes out. These are roughly 2″ high by 1″ wide.making paper flower petals tutorial

9 – Use the lines on your crepe as a guide when cutting petal shapes out. These are roughly 2″ high by 1″ wide.

The trick to creating lovely petals is not so much in the cutting… but in the shaping! I fluted the top edge of each petal to create a ruffles effect. This can be achieved easily by holding your petal between your thumbs in both hands and stretching the gathers in the crepe away from each other… wilist also twisting one hand toward and one hand away from you.making paper flower petals tutorial

10 – Before dabbing the bottom of each petal with a spot of glue scrunch it together a little the shape the petal a little more. Add glue and press onto the wire stem below the fringe join.adding first layer of paper petals to bloom

11 – Work with pairs of petals positioned opposite each other layering and overlapping and glueing in place as you go.adding first layer of paper petals to bloom

12 – You might want to make your first layer using slightly smaller petals and then the second with larger ones to add more of a roundness to your finished bloom.layer two petals of paper flower

13 – Once the glue has set and all your petals are serurely in place its time to finish and shape further with some florist tape. This stuff goes a long way and I love how stretchy it is!

TOP TIP! cut a length approx 2″ long and stretch it out a little before you begin wrapping around your petals. This helps the waxed surface of the tape stick together more easily!Securing and finishing with floristry tape

14 – Place your strip of tape on the wire step just below the widening part of the flower… twist your flower around and wrap quite tightly.You want to use this tape to hide and glue/gaps and secure and finish each flower tidily. There are so many different colours and width of tape so play with different combinations!Securing and finishing with floristry tape

Use the steps for making the bud and fringe layer to create some fun little fringed filler flowers before you pop them in a bottle or vase.

Securing and finishing with floristry tape

You can join our first paper flower making weekend workshop on Saturday 19th March 10a,-2pm in Nottingham for Paper Flower Garland Making Workshop or at our Paper Flower Bouqeut Making Class on Saturday 4th June 10am-2pm. Click through the links above for full details and ticketing! Both workshops are ideal for beginner paper crafters and all are welcome! Why not bring your Mum along to the March workshop and treat her for Mother’s Day? Find more paper craft inspo on our dedicated Pinterest board here. Happy Friday folks! Amy x

vase of finished paper flowers

Get Inspired / Paper Blooms. Today I wanted to share a some paper craft bloom inspiration and projects with you on the blog. I have been working on lots of lovely flowers in the past few weeks for an upcoming magazine project (…watch this space) plus to improve on some skills. Sometimes its nice to switch things up and change creative mediums! My regular projects are largely yarn based so its exciting to work on something quite differnt for a few weeks. Paper flower making doesn’t have to be really intricate BUT it is quite fiddly when you first start and requires quite a high level of concentration… and hoovering up all the tiny snippets of leftover paper!

You can create lovely flowers with lots of different kinds of paper. From news print to tissue you paper! I really like Italian style crepe as it comes in varying levels of rigidity and gorgeous colours which means you can create quite different looking styles of blooms easily… I also really like painting onto thinner tissue paper or crepe to get that water colour look to the petals! This is my current favourite.

I highly recommend the book Paper to Petals which my sister gave me as a birthday gift a few years ago which is quite possibly one of my favourite craft books of all time. Don’t get me wrong there are some ace projects on Pinterest but to me nothing beats a owning beautiful book.

Now I haven’t linked all the pics to their sources but you can find all these projects and more over on our Paper Flower Inspo’ board on Pinterest and will be sharing my own lovely little paper bloom filled diy with you on the blog at the end of this week! I am also running several paper flower making half day workshops in Nottingham this march and April so take a look at our workshop ticketing page for details.

paper flower bouquet from Pinterest

Paper flowers for our mothers day paper craft workshop

Paper flowers by me

Giant paper flower backdrop from @avantimorocha_

Paper flower diy paper crown from

Paper flower diy from

paper flower wreath from

paper flower wreath from

crepe Paper flowers for ouSuper+SuperHQ mothers day paper craft workshop

more Super+Supe paper flowers

Women Who Create / Lucy Davidson

According to fb I met Lucy 4 years ago this week at a workshop at our old studio space in Brighton. This meeting led to some seriously inspirational tea dates and an amazing ice cream cone filled window display at the HQ! We love Lucy’s work ethic and fun yes chic craft style and were so happy when she agreed to join us on the blog this week.

Tell us a little about your background… 

I’m a graphic designer by day but my real passion is running my blog Peas and Needles which is where I get make all sorts. Its where I get to fulfiI my love for interiors and all things handmade. I have created tutorials for the likes of Mollie Makes and have had various project published. I am also a self taught weaver and I now teach weaving classes in and around Brighton.

Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focussed and happy? 

I like to drink coffee and listen to good music. Its not very original but it really helps. I also love to pick the materials to use. That’s my favourite part.

Lucy Davison fabric succulent diy project

What two things can’t you live without? Wool (the good stuff) and potatoes. I love all kinds of potato.

What is your biggest source of inspiration?

I think living in Brighton is pretty ace, there is always so much on and so much to see. I’m surrounded by creative people and its so great.

What is the meaning of ‘craft’ to you? 

Having the freedom to create and play. Combining the materials that I love using my hands. Craft is a daily habit of mine so it’s a natural feeling and I think I would go a bit crazy without out.

Lucy Davidson Craft Materials

If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone… who would it be & why?

I would love to design the Anthropologie window displays. That would be epic.


Do you have a  favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process? 

My loom. I love my looms, I have quite a collection now. Even one my Dad made which is mega.

Lucy Davidson weaving Looms

What is the best thing about running your *business/blog/working for yourself?

The freedom and how each day is different. I like variety, its how I stay inspired.

Lucy Davidson desk space

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

I would say being asked to exhibit some of my weaves in Tokyo, Japan. Also becoming the new designer for 91 magazine. It’s been a pretty big year already and its only February.

You can find Lucy on Facbook here! And we strongly suggest you follow her wonderful creative antics. Next time on the #womenwhocreate interview series we will be talking to Leigh Jennings of InTwosAndThrees about her almost  iconic swear word embroiderys!

Yarn Bombing with Rough Trade Nottingham

We are mega excited about our first Yarn Bombing evening with Rough Trade Nottingham which is taking place this coming Thursday 18th from 7pm. You can expect a bunch of street-art style craftiness, pom-pom making and weaving at this new crafty social hosted in the heart of Nottingham’s creative quarter!

our collection of yarn for craft workshops


The idea is that we provide the materials and venue and you can come along and have a go at crafting little samplers, shapes, bits n’ bobs of crochet, knitting or weaving and then either take them home OR take them to the streets of Nottingham and decorate!

This session is not a workshop its more of a have a go and help/learn from another crafter type thing. Having said that myself, Claire and a couple of our lovely creative pals will be on hand if you get in too much of a tangle!

Have a look at our dedicated YARN BOMBING Pinterest board for inspiration!

yarn bomb crafty social at rough trade nottingham

*You can take away your creations at the end of the night but please don’t pinch our crochet hooks, tools or pom-pom makers!*

‘Join new kids on the block Super+Super for an evening of guerilla crafting at the first yarn bombing inspired craft social at Rough Trade Nottingham.’

yarn bomb crafty social at rough trade nottingham

All materials are provided  so why not pop along to Broad street Hockley and have a go at… CROCHET + KNITTING + WEAVING + FREESTYLE CRAFTING… Have a beer and meet some new people!


At the end of the evening we encourage you to take your crafts and attach them to the nearest lamp post or street sign and create your own yarnstorm! Join the facebook event.

For future events, workshops & exclusive announcements + discounts you can sign up to our mailing list here!

S+S Book Project / Paper Cut Lion

This paper craft lion is given depth by creating a layered cut out. The use of sticky pads between the layers gives the lion a 3D effect. We’ve also used a slightly hammered card to add texture to the lion’s features. This handsome fella would look great in a kids’ bedroom or given pride of place in a hallway.

what you need

Scrap paper for stencil

180gsm A4/65lb US Letter size card stock, hammered card in mustard brown, pale brown, pale cream, yellow and black


Cutting mat


Sticky pads

Template pdf


1 Trace template A onto scrap paper. Lay it over the top of the mustard-brown card and trace over it again to create the lion’s mane.lion_step1

2 With the cutting mat underneath your piece of card, use the scalpel to cut out the shape you’ve just drawn.lion_step2

3 Transfer template B onto the pale brown card using your pencil to create the lion’s hairy face. Use the scalpel to cut out this shape. Take extra care in the curves to create a smooth line.lion_step4

Tip! There are quite a lot of pieces to this paper cut, so make sure you keep them all together in a safe place ready for assembling.

4 Using the pale cream card, trace and cut around the eyes and cheeks (template C).lion_step5

5 On the yellow card, cut the lion’s muzzle (template D). Put it to one side with the rest.lion_step6

6 Take the black piece of card now and cut the nose and the eyes (template E). Once again, cut them out as close to the edge as you can.lion_step7

7 Go back to the mustard-brown card and cut out his tufty brows (template F). lion_step8

8 Lastly, you just need to cut out his chin tuft (template G), using the piece of pale brown card.lion_step9

9 Now you’ve done all the cutting, you are ready to assemble the lion. Start by gathering all the cutouts onto your workspace so everything is close to hand.lion_step10

10 Start with the face and the mane. Stick down three sticky pads onto the back of the face. Then peel back the top layer on each of the pads so they are ready for sticking.lion_step11

11 Turn the face back over and place the face on the lower part of the mane. Push down lightly on the sticky pads to secure.lion_step12

12 Pick up the eyes and cheeks. Start by sticking the eyes down onto the face, using a pad each. You now need to build up a higher layer for the cheeks by placing two pads on top of each other. Peel off the layers and stick in position. This layer should be parallel to the layer underneath.lion_step14

13 Now you can stick the yellow muzzle, into position. You need to use only one sticky pad for this.lion_step15

14 As the next pieces to be stuck down are much smaller, take a couple of sticky pads and use the scalpel to cut the pads into small pieces.  Start by sticking down the chin tuft underneath the yellow muzzle area.lion_step17

15 Next you can stick down the black nose detail. Position it so it runs alongside the top of the yellow muzzle area. For the two black eyes, you may need to cut one of the recently cut pads in half again. Use two small pads to stick down the eye detail.lion_step19

16 To stop the lion from looking quite so startled, you now need to stick down his tufty brows. Once again, you may find it helps to cut the pads even smaller as you need to position the eyebrows onto the eyes.lion_step20

lion paper cutting craft project from supersuperhq You can find more original craft projects in our books which are available in all good book stores UK & USA or through our Etsy store here!

Women Who Create / Deborah Panesar

Today we are delighted to welcome Deborah Panesar to the S+S blog as the first in our new series Women Who Create Things Their Way. As one of the first people we made contact with in Nottingham before our recent move I am constantly inspired by Deborah’s work, style and drive to propel her business to the next level. We think you will be to.

Deborah Panesar Illustration

Tell us a little about your background…

I’m a freelance surface designer and illustrator specialising in delicate illustrative patterns. Born and raised in Nottingham, I am a 2010 Norwich University of the Arts graduate, small business owner thanks to the Princes Trust since 2012 and an Etsy team leader since 2015.

Deborah Panesar Illustration the blackbird

Do you have creative habits or rituals within your work that help you stay focussed and happy?

I always start and end my day with a brew and a sit in our garden (even in winter!) I find it helps clear out the mental clutter to start the day fresh, and is a meditative way to draw the working day to a close.

What two things can’t you live without?

My Get To Work book (it helps organise me like nothing else every could) and my Spotify account (the soundtrack to my working day)

Deborah Panesar Studio Desk

What is your biggest source of inspiration? 

Museums and archives

What is the meaning of ‘craft’ to you?

Craft to me is the embodiment of imagination being expressed through hands.

Deborah Panesar Studio inspiration

If you could collaborate on a creative project or idea with anyone… who would it be & why?

I would love to collaborate with Liberty’s ­ their print collection and home-wares are what dreams are made of, and for a chance to have my own designs sold there would tick off a serious bucket list goal!

Do you have a favourite piece of equipment that inspires your day to day process?

My pot of pencils ­ the foundation of all my work.

Deborah Panesar Sketchbook

Deborah Panesar Illustration the blackbird

What is the best thing about running your *business/blog/working for yourself?

It’s having the freedom to work anywhere you want ­ sometimes I find I work best at my desk, others from the sofa or a coffee house or a friends garden. You can never be stifled in a way that working 9­5 could, when you can make your own routine and schedule.

What is your proudest creative moment in your journey so far?

I’ve so many amazing moments that I’m grateful for, but my greatest milestone was designing an exclusive home-ware range for Asda in association with the Princes Trust. Seeing my designs (and face on the tags!) in Asda stores across the country was a serious ‘mind­blown’ moment!

Deborah Panesar for Asda


You can find out more about Deborah’s stunning work and inspirations by hopping over to her brand new website here at and also by following her on social media @DeborahPanesarIllustrations on Facebook/Twitter/IG

Our second interview in this exciting new series will be live on Tuesday 16th Feb and feature the awesome Illustrator and crafter Lucy Davidson of Peas & Needles blog fame.

You can join in the discussion and send us your answers by using the hashtag #womenwhocreate