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DIY: Fun Planter 3 Ways. We love all things plant related so combining house plants and craft might just be our favourite kind of home ware project! We thought we’d treat you to 3 projects in one post and think these projects are great for a weekend of diy fun (and also for using up bits and bobs from around your home)! For example our miniature smiley succulent planter is an old egg cup, and the painterly pot was 30p from a thrift store. This tutorial goes to show that stylish home ware projects do not need to be expensive.

1. Smiley Succulent Planter:

wooden egg cup

white acreylic paint

black fine Posca pen


Paint your egg cup and leave to fully dry (you may need 2 coats of paint!)


Now draw on a cute face!

We then potted our little guy up with a baby succulent + plenty of gravel!



And sat it with some friends…


2. Painterly Ceramic Pot

ceramic pot

glass/ceramic paints (ours are from Tiger)

paint brush

posca pen


Make sure your pot is clean and grease free by wiping with some washing detergent


Mix colours and begin to apply big sweeping brush strokes of colour to your pot! One you are happy with your design set the paint in a pre heated oven at 120c (please follow the specific instructions on your paints!)


Once your pot is totally cool begin to add little clusters of dot overlapping the paint design with your posca pen!

3. Bead and Crochet Hanging Can Planter

large bean can

gold spray paint

cotton yarn – We love Natura XL  in orange (shade 10) and pink (shade 43) bu DMC

crochet hood size 6m

assorted wooden beads x 3

This is a slightly more intricate planter which will require more time and several technique including crochet, macramé and spray painting. But fear not its simple once you get started!


We started by spray painting our tin can with gold paint and leaving to dry. Then we began the crochet. This pattern is worked in the round so try and remeber to mark the start of your row with a piece of yarn tied through the stitch.

In pink yarn cast on 4, sl to join (forms a ring)

R1- dc 8 into ring

R2- now dc1 into every st sp

R3 & 4 – dc1, dc2 rep to end

R5- dc1, dc1, dc2, dc1, dc1, dc2 rep to end

R6 & 7 *dc1, dc1, dc1, dc2,* rep freom *to*

R8 (turning the corner) picking up the inside strand of each dc st only – dc1 into every st in the round. You should see a ridge forming and your corner begin to turn!

R9- 13 dc1 into every sts, cast off and change to orange yarn

R14 & 15 dc1 into every sts, cast of and sew end inside neatly

Macrame – cut 3x 2m lengths and fols in half. space these evenly around the top of your crochet and loop through the first row to attach securely.

Seperate each double strand and tie it 4 inches up with one strand from another pair. repeat this 3 times with all pairs!

tie another knot 4/5 inches above your triangle join and add a bead. Repeat on all 3 strands and tie together at top!






Craft: Mollie Makes Issue 56 is Here! Issue 56 of Mollie Makes available in all good shops today and showcases our first craft project for our favourite magazine…. Indigo Girl – DIY Shibori Scarf. You may also notice that our gorgeous modal is none other than creative partner in crime Lyndsey of What You Sow! This project has been on our list of must do craft tutorials for months so we are thrilled to be sharing it with you all now. As well as our super cool project this months edition is packed full of its usual inspiring creative know how, printed collage papers and a fruity brooch making kit… Thats your weekends sorted then!



We are mega excited to see your versions of this lovely dye project so please feel free to tag @supersuperhq on instagram when you share the crafty joy. Happy Friday Folks!x

Inspiration: 3 days 3 outfits. For those of you who follow our IG account you will have noticed a few weeks back my #weekofselfies and that I have been trying to teach myself to become more comfortable and confident in front of the camera! Its was fun if a little cringe-y but thanks for all your lovely comments and feedback.

Working from home can often mean starting work at 7am with a mug of tea in hand in pj’s getting through the admin, making lists and getting organised. Sometimes if I don’t have an appointment this can mean going from pj’s to yoga pants to continue working all afternoon! This is usually ok in my book but it does mean that I get into a rut with what to wear when I do eventually have to pop out at short notice! Working out an outfit can then become annoying and affect confidence in my choices – blah. So with these things in mind I spent a couple of days last week dressing for summer and making new outfits from some of my favourite vintage and thrifted wardrobe pieces. I rarely buy new fashion led garments and prefer a good charity shop find or home made frock! The 3 outfits in todays post are a mixture of these things as well as favourite statement pieces that I think are timeless.

As part of this post I have shown you how to refashion an unwanted denim shirt into a sweet cropped bow blouse using one that Daniel was giving to charity and some lovely new embroidery floss from DMC! I hope you enjoy all my funny faces!


SAMSUNG CSCTop – Hand me down (Gap)

Skirt – vintage from a shop in Cophenhagen

Sandals – Plakton (TKmaxx)

Rings – A – Posh Totty

Necklace – Ruby Pilven




Dress – Charity shop

Denim Jacket – Shabitat second hand store

Shoes – New Look

Brooches – Rock Cakes, Team Vagenda

Necklace – New Look





Dress – Yoma

Shirt – Refashion.. Tutorial below!

Clogs – Lotta from Stockholm

Necklace – Ruby Pilvern

Shirt refashion DIY

You will need:

An unwanted shirt

sharp scissors

sewing needle, machine thread and pins

tape measure

assorted coloured embroidery floss (We used DMC shadees 307, 333 and 25)


Sleeves: Measure 12cm from arm pit and chop off both sleeves.


Fold up twice

SAMSUNG CSCSecure fold with a couple of stitches under the arm


You might want to press with iron after stitching


Next measure from armpit down the body 16cm and mark. From here we will be cutting in an arc towards the button panel.


Lay the first side piece onto the second side as a template to cut to.

Cut sides first then around the back. TOP TIP! lay tape measure from side points to gage the straight line across the back and feel free to mark with chalk!


Press seam allowance 1cm and press then repeat to create a neat edge to sew into. I did mine by hand but you could machine sew OR use heat n; bond if you don’t want to sew.


Use two pins to mark out your scallop and beging stitching using a small running stitch.


Fill this with lots of straight stitches that all start at the centre of the design spraying out like sun beams.

SAMSUNG CSCTo finish add a couple of lines of french knot and a scattering of seed stitch!


SAMSUNG CSCYou can use all kinds of different shirts to make this little tie up top. It makes a great summer cover up and works well over a dress or with jeans or shorts.

Craft: Super+Super is in Mollie Makes. That’s right! We have been working on exciting new creative projects for our favourite crafty magazine and will be bringing you several more over the coming months! Our first project which you can find in edition 56, has been on our list of must do tutorials for some time and we can’t wait to see your own versions!


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Recipe / Banana Bread


We love a good banana bread and are continuously trying different variations. So much so that several friends just save us all their ripe bananas and leave them outside our front door when they pass by… no complaints here!

vegan banana bread recipe in vintage loaf tin

In this plant based variation of the classic ‘banana bread’ we added cocoa nibs for an extra chocolate edge and used the food processor to mix together all the ingredients speedily in around 10 minutes! This loaf tin staple is a great bake for using up old bananas and takes little time at all to prepare! No eggs needed as banana is the perfect binding ingredient and creates a super juicy slice.


250g self raising flour

120g golden caster sugar

3 very ripe bananas

vegan sunflower/coconut spread

30g cocoa nibs

100ml Almond milk

1/2 tsp baking powder


Pre heat your oven to 180 and grease and line a small loaf tin. In your blender mix all the sugar and vegan spread together until light in colour and fluffy. Now slowly begin to add flour and baking powder interspersed with almond milk. Once all your dry ingredients are added peel and break up bananas and mix them in with cocoa nibs!

Pour into lined and greased baking tin and bake for 40 minutes or until a knife comes away clean when stuck into cake. It really is that simple!

Amy x