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Inspiration: S+S Microloan Foundation Poster. We are really excited to be able to show you the finished artwork for our poster that will be going up on the London Underground as part or a fantastic campaign with Microloan Foundation. Women in business helping women in Africa set up their own business buy purchasing a poster space as part of what they hope will become an annual event! We were lucky enough to nab one of these spots (there are only 200!) and can’t wait to see the finished design which is going to be a huge poster stuck up at a station (not confirmed which yet..) in London!


Our poster has been designed to help promote our new craft books, Embroidery, Crochet, Printmaking and Paper Cutting but there are a vast array of different business being showcased through this event and all profit goes directly to help the women in Africa involved.

This year we are trying to be more active in our support of other women in business and groups such as The Craftivists and local Girl Gangs. With huge national projects such as This Girl Can going from strength to strength all over the UK now is definitely the time to get involved and support one another! Have you become more socially or politically active recently? What causes or groups do you support or does the idea scare you? We’d love to hear! This year more than ever is about joining forces and using our skills for good and to make new awesome friends along the way!

Craft 101: Macramé Square Knot. You may remember a last year we made this cool yet simple macramé wall hanging? Well in today’s post we are getting to grips with one of the main types of macrame knots that we used in that project… and its also one of our favourites too. Its a simple technique with two parts to the ‘square’ which I sometimes forget but have found that if you think about it as though you need to make a ‘q’ shape in the first half and then a ‘p’ in the second there needn’t be any muddles with which side comes next!


So here’s what a finished square knot looks like and for our example (because we were makeing a kind of netting) we used 4 strands which you needn’t. However you do need to knot around a centre strand so will need a minimum of 3 lengths of yarn or cord or whatever you want to knot!


1. Cut 3 x 1m lengths of cord. Next you want to secure it to something whilst you work so perhaps tie your lengths of to a door handle, chair or stick it to the table if its thinner yarn. Separate your lengths into a left, right and centre and pass your left strand over the central piece and under the right as shown (making a little ‘q’ with the lengths!).


2. Next take the right hand strand under the central strand and through the little ‘q’ on the left


3. pull this length through and you should be able to see that the left and right strands arewrapped around the middle.


4. Bring your left length down straight and the loop the right over and in front of the central strand (making your little ‘p’!)


5. Thread the left length through the ‘p’ whilst taking it behind the central strand! Pull the end of the left length through and give both lengths a little tug to bring the knot together evenly.


6. You should now have one whole square knot aka a Reef Knot.


You can use this knot for loads of different projects! From wall hangings to hammocks or even jewellery like our charm bracelet below. You can find both these full projects and more on our Macramé Joy Pinterest board.


DIY: Tie Dye T Shirt Upcycle. Hot off the Pinterest trends board is our latest upcycle DIY project. Its the perfect way to bring life back to any tired T shirt or over loved garment! We used Dylon dye in velvet black and made it up very weak so as to achieve a light coloured effect.

We were inspired by this lovely tutorial from True Bias and used a random combination of folding and wrapping to achieve our finished design.

Inspiration: Mollie Makes Handmade Awards Day. Last Thursday after much anticipation we hopped on a very early train to London town to the Handmade Awards 2015! With a full schedule of photo walks, talks and crafting we knew we were right to be mega excited. We were also a little nervous – maybe that’s playing it down a bit – as we were heading to not only meet some of our most admired peers and fellow crafters, but also to give a little presentation about S+S! We won’t do a step by step account of the whole day because really you had to be there to apreciate the joy in the air, but here is a selection of pictures from the day that nicely sums it up! Although we didn’t win in our category we are so very proud to have been a finalist for the 2015 Handmade Awards and to have been given the chance to be part of something so special.

Once again a huge thank you to Mollie Makes for short-listing us and for a fantastic day. It was great to meet the people who we know only through social media in person and congratulations to all the finalists and well deserved winners!

DIY: Festival Style Headdress. As festival season sets into full swing we have created this simple DIY tutorial to help you accessories to the max in a chic and crafty style without breaking the bank! We can guarantee this headdress accessories will get you in the party spirit and ready to take on many a summer adventure!


You will need:

Roughly 40cm of a wide woven ribbon or hemmed fabric (ours has embroidered details and mirrored work on it already)

1m medium lacy ribbon to tie

40cm pre made feather trim in any colour

40cm fancy metallic trim (ours is an amazing indian wedding dress tassel)

40com bright ric rac

2m sequins



Trim your base ribbon and your feathers to the same length. Now turn your ribbon over with the back facing you ready to apply glue for feathers!


Apply a thick line of glue and firmly press the feather trim onto it. Allow the glue to adhere for a few minutes before turning it over to show the front side.


Paint a thick layer of your glue into the bottom edge of the ribbon, now the base of your headdress, and lay the long 1m lacy ribbon onto it. Press firmly and allow to set for a few minutes. This ribbon will is now what you will use to tie your headdress firmly onto your head securely for hours of dancing!


No all you have to do is layer up more glue and then the next ribbon of your choice! The more the merrier we say! Try and use bright and textural lengths to to create depth and clashing colours!


Rememer! Let each length dry for a few minutes in between the next application.


Set your finished headdress aside for at least half an hour to let the glue set completely and voila!


Festival headdresses is also one of our most popular craft party options and certainly makes for a fun afternoon of crafting! Check out this instagram post from a recent Hen who had a blast with her besties making headresses for the hens!


Screenshot_2015-06-07-17-40-44 (1)


Which festivals you are attending this year and which do you think are tipped to be the most crafty music events!? You can post us your finished headdress on our S+S Facebook Page here!

Inspiration: DMC Our New Sponsor. We are over the moon to be able to announce that DMC Creative World is our new sponsor on the S+S blog. Not only that, they are our first! We will be showcasing several crochet and embroidery projects from the newly released Super+Super craft books in collaboration with this exciting craft company!

We have been huge fans of their products for a long time and used several of their yarns including MyBoshi to create projects for our new crochet craft book! We highly recommend their yarn and threads amongst other things. We are particularly smitten with the Natura XL cotton yarn which we are designing our next crochet tutorial and free pattern around…. watch this space crochet fanatics!

Here comes the gushy bit!….

It means a huge amount to us to have an affiliation with such a reputable and well established brand and also gives us a sense that what we are doing is alright! After 4 years of running S+S and with things constantly evolving and lots of new changes sometimes you can lose that confidence in what you are passionate about and where the path is taking you… whether all that hard work has been worth it. This has really given us a positive boost and coupled with the fact that our new books Crochet & Paper Cutting are now out AND being short-listed as finalists in this years Mollie Makes Handmade Awards we really are feeling positive about our little craft business by the sea. So thankyou to all of you who continue to follow our various creative endevours, social media platforms and read the blog. Right time for a tea! ttfn x

Tutorial: Funfetti crockery. Our Pinterest account has seen it’s fair share of ‘funfetti’ pinning over the last few months. From funfetti pinatas to cake decorations, there’s something so fun about this confetti trend! We decided we wanted to jump aboard the funfetti bandwagon and immediately started looking around for things to funfetti bomb! We found inspiration in an old camping plate and lots of leftover card… We are ready for summer picnic time!




You will need:

Cutting Mat

Japanese Screw Punch (or a regular hole punch)

Scrap card

An old plate

PVA glue


1. Start by taking one colour of card and snipping off small random size pieces a’la confetti stylee.



2. Repeat this process with all the colours of card you have. Making sure all the pieces are random!

3. Next take your screw punch (or hole punch) and pick a couple of colours to do some circular cuts with. Make sure you are pressing onto your cutting mat if you are using a screw punch.

_SAM0016 _SAM0018


4. Move all your cuttings to once side and using your paintbrush give the plate a think coating of PVA glue.

5. Once coated simple sprinkle all of your confetti pieces onto the plate, making sure you cover the whole thing. Once you’ve done that you are ready to do another coat of PVA.
6. This next coat can be a bit tricky as some of the pieces will move, but just be as patient as possible and reaarange any pieces that move too much. Once coated, leave to dry. This can take a few hours.