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An exclusive project by Super + Super for MAKING MAGAZINE

This multi disciplinary craft project is a total treat for any crafter who loves plants, crochet and macramé! Make it in stages or why not  try mixing and matching colour ways to achieve your ideal succulent home-ware DIY! Its also an ideal project for a crafter looking to try a new skill in their free time.


You will need:

2 different colours of DK crochet cotton
Size 4 crochet hook
Craft scissors
Ceramic pot
Wooden bead
Coloured cord or yarn


Making the leaves

We have used 8 fern leaves in our project but you can vary number and size by playing around with the crochet pattern below.

1st leaf Make 12ch, * miss 1ch, 1dc in next ch, 1htr in next ch, 1tr in next ch, 1dtr in next ch, 1tr into next ch, 1htr into next ch, 1dc into next ch. **

Image _1

2nd leaf Make 12ch, * miss 1ch, 1dc in the next ch, 1htr in next ch, 1tr into next ch, 1dtr into each of the next 2ch, 1tr in next ch, 1htr in next ch, 1dc in next ch. **

3rd leaf As 2nd leaf.

4th leaf Make 11ch, then work as first leaf from * to **.

5th leaf Make 8ch, then work as first leaf from * to **.

6th leaf As 5th leaf.

Stem Ss in each of the next 3ch

7th leaf Make 9ch, then work as 2nd leaf from * to **.

Stem Ss in each of the next 3ch

8th leaf As 7th leaf.

Stem Ss in each of the next 3ch

9th leaf As 5th leaf.

Stem Ss in each of next 4 ch. Fasten off and weave ends into back of leaf using hook.

Image _2

Assembling leaves:

Using your hook thread 4 finished leaves onto a piece of yarn approx 5 inches long, draw together and knot firmly.

Image _3

Repeat with a second time with another 4 leaves leaving you with 2 groups of 4 leaves.

Now lay the first cluster on top of your pot…

Image _4

…and the second on top of that staggering the tendrils evenly.

Image _5

Making your macramé Hanger:

Cut 3×1m lengths of yarn or cord.

Image _7

Fold lengths in half at middle, knot all 3 together at the top making a loop approx 1inch tall. Stick to the table with tape before knotting.

Image _8

Split yarn into 3 pairs of 2 strands and knot each 1/3 of the way down.

Image _9

Next take 1 strand from each pair and knot it with one strand from its neighbour staggering pairs to begin forming a net.

Image _10

Repeat this splitting, staggering and knotting a third time.

Image _11

Finish your plant holder by knotting all 6 strands of yarn together, then pop on a bead and knot underneath to secure.

Image _12

Carefully open cord plant holder and place your pot in the centre adjusting placement of pot and leaf clusters so that there are 2/3 tendrils in between each section.

Image _13

Hang in your favourite spot and enjoy!

Crochet _fern4

By Amy Phipps & Claire Culley of Super + Super.

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Amy -claire

Our new book, Crochet: 20 Projects for Friends to Make is published 28th May. Find out more here.

Crochet (1)



Inspiration:Secret Seed Swap

A few weeks back we entered a secret seed swap that is being hosted by our lovely friend Lyndsey of What You Sow. The idea is as simple as it sounds… you swap seeds from your treasured selection with someone you don’t know by way of random selection by What You Sow! But its better than that because everyone who participates is asked to design, make or decorate a unique seed packet to send their little seeds away to their new homes in.

Ours is above. A hand stitched cotton pouch made from leftover dress making material from Amy’s last sewing project, pom-pom and a bit of hand embroidery. The seeds we sent were bought from the lovely ladies in The Brighton Pavilion Gardens volunteer club  one morning on an early morning walk to the HQ. This little piece of historic Brighton is going to Bristol!…

And here is the super sweet little packet we received. We cannot wait to get these baby’s into the garden and watch the bees come a flocking. Keep your eyes peeled for the next seed swap here!

Have you ever taken part in a similar project? Or do you have a pen pal!? We’d really like to hear.

Recipe: Vegan Carrot Cake. A gloomy Monday calls for a juicy cake… am I right?! Here is another yummy bake from our new favourite recipe book Easy Vegan. It is mega squishy and very delicious! Did you also know that this week is National Vegetarian Week? You can find more info and some lovely recipes here!


250g self raising flour

200g dark brown demarera sugar

300ml vegetable oil

1tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

2 tsp mixed spice

150 grated carrot

60g raisins

a flax egg – 1 tbsp milled flax mixed with 2 tbsp warm water and left to stand for 15 mins.

100ml soya or almond milk



Pre heat your oven to 160oC. Mix all dry ingredients together in a big bow and set aside. Pour oil, sugar and flax egg into a food processor and whiz until combined. Now start adding the flour mix and milk at intervals until all well mixed together! lastly add carrot and raisins. spoon out into a deep round lined cake tin and bake for 50 minutes.

Leave to cool for an hour and then top with coconut icing!


Inspiration: 10 Things We Love. Today we are going to share with you ten things we love, are looking forward to, or have come across recently. We had a great response to a feature we posted last year ’10 things you didn’t know about us’ and wanted to take some time to put a bit more about what inspires us up on the blog.

1. That first cup of tea in the morning whilst making a list for the coming day. Working from home can often mean we keep funny hours, start work at 7am in our pj’s and get stuck in til lunch time. So its great to have a little time each morning to sip a hot tea and reflect on the day jotting down some notes and trying not to get carried away making an unachievable list of work to do. We love Clipper Teas and their Green tea with lemon is an early morning favourite.

2. Spending time in the garden. We are both super lucky to have small gardens in the city which is often unheard of these days! And are very enthusiastic about growing veg and flowers and just taking time out in the sunshine to potter. We are also super lucky to have The Garden House Brighton on our door step as well as the continuously inspiring Lyndsey from What You Sow as a best friend. talk of wormeries, weeding and foraged cocktails is never far away when we get together!

3. Our Roberts Radio. Duck egg blue, well loved and a constant source of information or a new catchy tune we couldn’t do with out a DAB radio! To throw fuel on the fire they now do an a cat print edition.

4. Nordic Coffee Collective (and their cinnamon swirls) We don’t do it very often but when we have a working date or meeting out of the studio we always head here. Its calm, bright and the perfect side of Brighton cool. They bake all the cakes in their little kitchen and are a true slice of Scandinavia.

5. Making dinner for friends. Cooking with friends and for friends is one of our most favourite social activities. Whether its 3 course feast or a one pot curry on a weekday evening there are always stories to be told and vino on the table… And enough for seconds.

6. A new Magazine. Frankie, Mollie Makes, Oh Comely, Caboodle, and Making Mag are our staple favourite reads. And running a creative business means that they are basically a must have source of inspiration and essential research tool. Not to mention a lovely treat for a business who has to mostly stick to a strict budget. There is something so exciting about opening the cover of a new magazine and being greeted by the amazing smell of fresh print and a strong sense of belonging and new exciting possibilities!

7. This picture from Claire’s wedding will be a favourite for a long time to come. It says so much and fills us up with joy every time we see it!


8. Creative collaborations. We have got a few exciting projects coming up (can’t tell you yet though sorry loves) with a couple of long term fave publications and creative peers. Working with like minded people is always such an amazing opportunity! It can often help us find a new angle whilst sharing our own skills and knowledge.

9. This recipe book! You probably know by now that we love to cook, try new recipes and take a lot of pleasure in our food. We recently came across a new favourite Vegan recipe book which has got us wanting to throw dinner parties 5 nights a week! If only there was time. Not only is the photography gorgeous, its packed with super fun illustrations and a no nonsense approach to creating healthy alternatives with plant based recipes.

10. Our cats. Yep you know how much we love our feline companions! Our borderline crazy cat lady tendencies are deep rooted and we’d be lost without these little fellas. They never tell our secrets and love a knitted blanket… enough said.

As always we’d love to know a bit more about you our followers. Please do not hesitate in commenting below x



The New Super+Super Craft Books Have Arrived! Author copies landed on our doorstep last week and it felt a lot like Christmas. You can buy or pre order your copies here. Here is a first look at Crochet & Paper Cutting AND an introduction to the Super+Super Series of craft books in its entirety…





This is a mega special day for us and we’d like to thank all our friends, family and wonderful followers for your continued support and to GMC for believing in our brand. A special thank you to Anna Kaisa Jormanianen for her stunning illustrations which have really brought our dream to life.


Recipe: A Pistachio Cake for Claire. A couple of weeks back one half of S+S got married and we were all asked to bring a cake to the party…  I decided to try a cake that had caught my eye in a new vegan recipe book but give it a little bit of a twist. This is my version of their totally delicious pistachio cake!


The book itself is a must have for any veggie or vegan food enthusiast and is jam packed full of great info about how to make vegan alternatives to things like eggs as well as fantastic recipes!


You will need:

160ml vegetable oil

250g caster sugar

180ml soya yoghurt

1tsp vanilla extract

2 tablespoons grated orange zest

100g shelled pistachio nuts finely chopped or blended

200g self raising flour

30g cornflour

1tsp baking powder

2tsp ground cardamon

1/4 tsp sea salt

120ml soya milk

fig preserve for in between the layers (our cake was 3 layers!)

Method: heat oven at 160 oC and line a cake tine with grease proof paper. Beat together oil and sugar until well combined (I did all the mixing in my food processor) Add the yoghurt,vanilla, and orange zest next.

In a separate bowl mix together all the dry ingredients. Now slowly add them to the wet mixtures mixing well as you go and alternating adding a little soya milk at the same time. spoon into your cake tin and bake for 45-55 minutes until a skewer inserted into the centre comes out clean.

For the icing. I made a coconut cream icing by whisking together 2 tins of coconut (the solid bit from the top o a tin of Thai coconut milk) and 400g icing sugar. i then added a few drops of bright turquoise food colouring gel and left it to chill in the fridge for an hour or 2.

Lastly I layered the sponges up with fig conserve to stick them together and spread a thick layer of icing all over the tower of sponges. It was great fun to make!