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    The Basics Of A Great Crochet Pattern

    May 25, 2016

    The Basics Of A Great Crochet Pattern. Most crafters/designer-makers have their way of writing a crochet pattern…. a lot like a handwriting which they develop over time! However standard patterns should contain a few essentials that each have to make that pattern digestible and easy for another reader to use! Here are the basics:

    • A list of materials, sizing information
    • Row by row (or round by round) instructions
    • Finishing techniques
    • Yarn weight, hook size to match – included on the packaging of your yarn ball!
    • A list of abbreviations
    • Stitch diagram key (If diagrams are included)
    • Care instructions

    What you look for when buying yarn

    the basics of a great crochet pattern

    As you can see from the yarn label above most brands come with all the information you need to choose the right hook size, tension and after care/washing instructions! They also include the dye lot number so you can match your ball of yarn exactly if you run out half way through a project… Always keep this information just in case!

    Col = shade colour

    Lot = yarn dye lot

    Ref = product reference

    Getting to grips with crochet

    Don’t worry if you find holding your hook or working crochet stitches awkward at first… after a few attempts you’ll easily get the hang of it all!

    There are 2 main ways of holding your hook… Β Here’s a special little video tutorial to get you started on the right foot! This is a super simple way to visualise the method if you get stuck.

    And remember learning a new craft skill is a wonderful way to relax, de-stress and even improve your confidence. It will also allow you the opportunity to connect with some amazing creative people!

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