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    DIY: Shibori Scarf with Tassels

    August 27, 2015

    DIY: Shibori Scarf with Tassels. This was our first project as craft contributors to Mollie Makes Magazine and is available in issue 56 July 2015. Our diy no sew shibori scarf project is the epitome of Pinterest cool without the hassle of hemming! A perfect summertime project that will update your wardrobe and get you hooked on a new crafty technique that’s sure to impress your friends.

    You will need:

    ½ metre of white viscose fabric (ours had a width of 130cm on the bolt)

    Dylon hand dye in Velvet Black

    3 tblsp table salt




    elastic bands

    2 pieces of 10x10cm wood off cut (a thin ply is great or balser wood perhaps)

    3 or more assorted skeins of brightly coloured embroidery floss


    1. Fold your fabric lengthways into a concertina keeping each pleat approximately 12cm wide. You will end up with a long fabric zig zag!


    2. Repeat this folding technique from one end to the other along the length of your first zig zag. Try working the fold away from you this will help keep your pleats more even and the layers of fabric neater.


    3. Place the finished square of folded fabric on top of one of your wood pieces with the second piece sandwiched centrally on top.


    4.Start by stretching 2 big elastic band in a cross over the centre of your bundle. This will keep the whole thing in place whilst you get to grips with the thinner bands in the design.


    5. Using a plastic bowl or tub use half your packet of Dylon and make up the dye solution according the instructions on the back of the packet. Gently place your bundle of fabric, wood and carefully stretched bands into your dye bath and leave to soak for 10 minute. Carefully turn your bundle over and leave for a further 10 minutes.

    TOP TIP! Wear washing up gloves or latex cleaning gloves when working with dyes to save your fingers from staining.


    6. Whilst your bundle is dying its time to make tassels! Each skein of floss should make approx 6 tassels. Spilt the end of your skein into 3 (7/8 loops in each) and tie a single strand of matching thread though the top and knot tightly. Repeat again at the opposite end of your skein.


    7. Now use a single strand of remaining floss to wrap around the top of your tassel and tuck inside to secure. Cut each tassel to roughly 4cm long and set aside with needle ready to attach to finished scarf.


    8. After approx 20 minutes remove your bundle from the dye and rinse off excess pigment into the bath. Again be very careful not to splatter the surrounding areas/your cat/your best tea dress etc! Hang your fabric out to dry and then iron on high to seal the dye a little more.


    9. Lay out on a flat surface and line up your tassels along the bottom edge in the order you want to sew them in.


    9a. Now using the thin strand of thread at the top of your tassel sew through the edge of your scarf fabric and back into the top part of the tassel where your knot is. Repeat this again and then sew through the centre of the tassel and down so that any remaining thread becomes part of the tassel itself.


    10. Repeat this sewing method along the rest of the edge adding as many or few tassels as you feel appropriate! Repeat this at the other end of your scarf OR if you are feeling super inspired why not tassel around the whole hem! To finish snip off any long or loose threads and hang in your favourite spot to admire.





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