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    S+S Book Project / Paper Cut Lion

    February 12, 2016
    lion paper cutting craft project from supersuperhq

    S+S Book Project / Paper Cut Lion

    This paper craft lion is given depth by creating a layered cut out. The use of sticky pads between the layers gives the lion a 3D effect. We’ve also used a slightly hammered card to add texture to the lion’s features. This handsome fella would look great in a kids’ bedroom or given pride of place in a hallway.

    what you need

    Scrap paper for stencil

    180gsm A4/65lb US Letter size card stock, hammered card in mustard brown, pale brown, pale cream, yellow and black


    Cutting mat


    Sticky pads

    Template pdf


    1 Trace template A onto scrap paper. Lay it over the top of the mustard-brown card and trace over it again to create the lion’s mane.lion_step1

    2 With the cutting mat underneath your piece of card, use the scalpel to cut out the shape you’ve just drawn.lion_step2

    3 Transfer template B onto the pale brown card using your pencil to create the lion’s hairy face. Use the scalpel to cut out this shape. Take extra care in the curves to create a smooth line.lion_step4

    Tip! There are quite a lot of pieces to this paper cut, so make sure you keep them all together in a safe place ready for assembling.

    4 Using the pale cream card, trace and cut around the eyes and cheeks (template C).lion_step5

    5 On the yellow card, cut the lion’s muzzle (template D). Put it to one side with the rest.lion_step6

    6 Take the black piece of card now and cut the nose and the eyes (template E). Once again, cut them out as close to the edge as you can.lion_step7

    7 Go back to the mustard-brown card and cut out his tufty brows (template F). lion_step8

    8 Lastly, you just need to cut out his chin tuft (template G), using the piece of pale brown card.lion_step9

    9 Now you’ve done all the cutting, you are ready to assemble the lion. Start by gathering all the cutouts onto your workspace so everything is close to hand.lion_step10

    10 Start with the face and the mane. Stick down three sticky pads onto the back of the face. Then peel back the top layer on each of the pads so they are ready for sticking.lion_step11

    11 Turn the face back over and place the face on the lower part of the mane. Push down lightly on the sticky pads to secure.lion_step12

    12 Pick up the eyes and cheeks. Start by sticking the eyes down onto the face, using a pad each. You now need to build up a higher layer for the cheeks by placing two pads on top of each other. Peel off the layers and stick in position. This layer should be parallel to the layer underneath.lion_step14

    13 Now you can stick the yellow muzzle, into position. You need to use only one sticky pad for this.lion_step15

    14 As the next pieces to be stuck down are much smaller, take a couple of sticky pads and use the scalpel to cut the pads into small pieces.  Start by sticking down the chin tuft underneath the yellow muzzle area.lion_step17

    15 Next you can stick down the black nose detail. Position it so it runs alongside the top of the yellow muzzle area. For the two black eyes, you may need to cut one of the recently cut pads in half again. Use two small pads to stick down the eye detail.lion_step19

    16 To stop the lion from looking quite so startled, you now need to stick down his tufty brows. Once again, you may find it helps to cut the pads even smaller as you need to position the eyebrows onto the eyes.lion_step20

    lion paper cutting craft project from supersuperhq You can find more original craft projects in our books which are available in all good book stores UK & USA or through our Etsy store here!

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